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Adventure Sailing from Bermuda to Maine TOP020_4

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Adventure Sailing from Bermuda to Maine

This incredible nine day adventure is perfect for aspiring sailors. The focus of this journey is training and you’ll get plenty of it – whether you’re looking to expand your sailing knowledge or you’re a beginner searching for just the right time and place to get your sea legs. Sailing from Bermuda you begin with lovely pink sand beaches and end in Portland with Maine’s famous red lobster 750 nautical miles later.


  • Earn your ITY International Crew Certificate
  • Snorkel in some of Bermuda’s stunning reefs
  • Gaze at the stars while on deck and then let the ocean lull you to sleep each night

Sailing from Bermuda your route will explore the tropical reefs in the northern part of Bermuda’s coast and then set sail up the Gulf Stream as you cross the mysterious Sargasso Sea. It’s 750 miles that will take you through two completely different ecosystems and climates. The journey ends when you reach the breathtaking rocky coast of Portland.

Each day there will be sail training both in the onboard classroom and hands on sessions aimed at giving you the fundamentals of passage making and sailing. Your professional crew take great care in onboard safety as well as onboard fun. If you’re brand new to sailing and therefore nervous, put your fears to rest because you’ll be in excellent hands. When it’s time to disembark you’ll have earned your ITY International Crew Certificate.

The reason we love working with this operator is because of their singular mission: to strengthen the health of our planets marine life through education, conservation, and exploration. Joining the crew for this voyage allows you to be a part of this mission and educate yourself on a problem that affects us all.

Enquire today to learn more about how you can be a part of this wonderful adventure.


May 25: Guest crew join Sea Dragon in St. George’s at 1400. Everyone will have an opportunity to settle into the yacht, and put away their personal belongings. The captain and first mate will give crew a safety and expedition briefing, followed by basic safety training. After an evening meal, the crew will retire and sleep on Sea Dragon for the night.
May 26: Weather permitting, we will spend the day snorkelling and exploring some of Bermuda’s reefs and beaches and getting acquainted with the boat.
May 27: After Clearing Customs, Sea Dragon will depart Bermuda and head out to sea.
May 28May 31: Sailing!
June 1: Sea Dragon will arrive in Portland, Maine, and clear Customs & Immigration
June 2: Crew will be able to leave the boat by 1200

*Itinerary subject to change based on weather and willingness to ‘say yes more’ to spontaneous possibilities

More Details

Roles and Expectations

You are joining a working expedition as a full member of the crew. As such, you will be involved in virtually all aspects of the voyage and operations. On board you will be part of a team of up to 14 crew, including yourself.

Our expectations of you are fairly straightforward. Your team will depend on you to fully participate in everything on the boat. You will be expected to work hard to the best of your ability, to be conscientious, alert, to look after the boat and to care for each other. You will not be asked to do anything you are not comfortable doing.

It is normal practice for the first day of the expedition to be a coastal day sail, to let everyone become acclimatized. It is also an important opportunity for training and you will be shown how to do any task patiently, and for as long as it takes for you to learn the right way. This is not a graded, competitive sport but a team of partners pulling together.

Travel to and from the yacht

When making your travel arrangements it’s important to remember that sailing is subject to changeable sea conditions and the weather, so some leeway should be made in your plans for unpredictable delays and to give yourself time to allow for any holdups. You might be able to connect with other crew members in your travels to and from the boat.

The trip operator is not responsible for your flights in the event of a delay to the schedule but will be glad to give you as much advice as we can on travel logistics.

Communications on board

Remember that there is no internet on board, but you can send/receive short emails through the satellite phone via an offline email service called XGate.  Please inform anyone planning to email you to keep their emails as short as possible, remove any previous message thread, not to use text formatting, email signatures or file attachments.  Remember you’ll need to write out and bring with you any email addresses you want.

If you want to blog, please arrange to email a friend/colleague who can upload the blog for you.

If you would like to use the satellite phone, then the following charges apply:

– Very short incoming and outgoing email messages = no charge

–  Sending photographs as attachments and long chunks of text = $0.10US per kB of data.  So a 20 –  30kB image (this is what we usually send and is OK for web) is $2-3US

– Outgoing phone calls (incoming not possible) = $1.50US per minute

You will receive a bill on departure for any costs incurred using the sat phone.

Electricity Usage

We have limited supplies of US plugs, 120VAC power for personal use. There are 12/24 VDC charging sockets available.

The Boat

The yacht is a 72ft (22m), 90,000lb displacement, steel-hulled sailing vessel built in the UK in 2000. Originally built for the Global Challenge Race, she is designed to safely handle conditions in the Southern Ocean and set up for amateur crew with limited sailing experience. The British Maritime and Coastal Agency rate the yacht to the highest safety standard of “Category Zero All Oceans”. These qualities make her an exceptional platform for the type of remote sailing expeditions we do.

Below decks there is plenty of space for the whole crew to enjoy a meal round the saloon table together, or relax in comfort with a movie. Air conditioning makes life down below very pleasant in the tropics, while a drying room sorts out any wet clothes. The galley is well equipped to feed a crew of 14. There are two shared heads (lavatories).

Dates: May 25th – June 2nd, 2016

Price:  1,990 USD / 1,300 GBP


  • 8 nights accommodation on board
  • All meals, snacks and drinks on board
  • Sailing instruction
  • Training and education covered in the syllabus
  • IYT International Crew Certificate (if you pass the test)
  • Safety equipment and foul weather gear


  • Transportation to Bermuda and from Maine
  • Transportation to and from the boat
  • Additional nights spent ashore
  • Personal expenses while in port


The operators of this marine conservation yacht are quite unique. They believe that the depth, complexity and sheer inertia of the threats to our oceans is significant but that practical solutions and the resources to implement them do still exist.

True to their beliefs the team is passionate about involving everyday people in their mission. Their support of marine exploration, education and conservation work is specifically designed to create space for regular people to join the front line team.

This is true all over the world’s oceans from the Sargasso Sea expedition to look for marine plastics, to a transit of the Southern Ocean. On board this fantastic expedition vessel, professional leaders work alongside visiting crew as one team.

Another World Adventures is proud to support these not-for-profit expeditions.

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