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Japan Food Adventure TOP008 1

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Japan Food Adventure

Pack your chopsticks and plan to celebrate the true artistry of Japanese cuisine on this Japan food adventure. 

For thousands of years this elegant, harmonious, and eclectic cuisine has been a showpiece of Japanese culture and on this 12 day adventure you’ll immediately see why.

On this adventure you’ll divide your time between seeing Japan’s sights and scouting out the most prized eating and drinking spots.

You’ll have vakitori sizzling in front of you while you sit along Shinjuku’s Memory Lane, bite into fresh-from-the-sea sashimi while at the stimulating Tsukiji Fish Market, take a truly hands on cooking class and learn to make soba noodles from scratch, and take on a sumo wrestler – in the eating department that is – with a fresh bowl of chanko nabe.

While in Kyoto get a glimpse of geisha’s drifting through alleyways of Gion and at a traditional ryoken have the full body experience of a kaiseki dinner – a multi-course meal of local and seasonal specialities.

This is a trip that sates not only your taste buds but your sense of adventure.  Japan has a rich history of Buddhism that will be on full display in the three regions you’ll travel to.  In Kyoto there are 1,600 temples and 120 around the Koya-san area.  Visit these beautiful and holy places and while there enjoy delicious vegetarian meals prepared by the monks.

  • Negotiate and score a nice bargain while shopping at the Tsukiji Fish Market
  • Eat all the fresh and succulent sushi and sashimi that you can handle
  • Visit the famous Toshogu Shrine
  • While in Koya-san sample Shingo Buddhist delicacies
  • Revel in Osaka’s action packed night life
  • Get lost while in the endless maze of food stalls at Nishiki Market
  • Relax and enjoy sake at a Kyoto brewery
  • Enjoy a meal on Shinjuku’s Memory Lane
  • Sample Japanese street food and endlessly debate what is better with your fellow group members
  • Visit a fugu (poisonous pufferfish) restaurant

There is almost no end to the fascinating and amazing foods you can try:  mochi (rice cakes), soba noodles, yuba-ryori (crispy bean curd), sake, tsukemono (pickles), raw oysters, and takoyaki (octopus balls) just to name a few.

Enquire today and dive in to a rich culture of history and food.

Feed your senses on your next adventure getaway.

Trip Notes


Days 1 – 3
Get an introduction to Japanese culture on a walk down Shinjuku’s Memory Lane and fuel up on some tasty street snacks. Then head up the observation deck of the Metropolitan Government Building for a stunning view of the city’s skyline. Early the next morning, dodge bargain hunters and fishmongers at Tsukiji Fish Market, the world’s biggest fish market, before savouring some deliciously fresh sushi. After learning the art of making soba noodles, take some time to explore the local farmers’ market and get lost among the numerous delicacies on offer in a depachika food store.

Days 4 – 5
Head to Tosho-gu Shrine in the picturesque city of Nikko. Try yuba-ryori, a crispy bean curd speciality, or visit one of the many sake breweries that have graced the area since the 18th century.

Days 6 -8
Become acquainted with Kyoto on a visit to one of its 1,600 Buddhist temples, or learn about the city’s geisha culture. Head to Nishiki Market, a seemingly never-ending wonderland for food lovers and shoppers. Sample mochi (rice cakes), tsukemono (Japanese pickles) or some raw oysters with a cold beer.

Days 9 – 10
Spot the 120 temples dotted around Koya-san, an important region for Shingon Buddhism. Try your hand at Zen meditation and enjoy a variety of traditional vegetarian dishes, as prepared by the resident monks.
ACCOMMODATION: monastery (2 NTS)

Days 11 – 12
Arrive in Japan’s third-largest city, where some of Japan’s best street food is on offer. Try your hand at making a local specialty, takoyaki (octopus balls). If you’re feeling up for it, perhaps visit a fugu (poisonous pufferfish) restaurant, where they prepare and serve this infamous delicacy.

More Details

Additional Trip Notes:
Start and Finish:
Start point – Tokyo, Japan
Finish point – Osaka, Japan

Group Size:
For this Japan food adventure the groups are made up of no more than 12 adults.

For this Japan food adventure we will use Busses, Trains, and Bullets for transport.

Hotel (9 nts)
Monastery (2 nts)

Breakfast – 11
Lunch – 3
Dinner – 2

Extra budget for meals approx $360

Important Notes:

  • SUMO STABLE VISIT – Occasionally throughout the year we may not be able to visit the Sumo stables due to tournaments taking place. Should this be the case your leader will advise you at the beginning of your trip.
  • JAPAN RAIL PASS – A 7 day Standard/Ordinary Japan Rail Pass is included in the price of your trip. For those wishing to stay and travel longer in Japan, a Japan Rail Pass extension (total 14 days) is available. Please contact us at time of booking regarding this service. Please note that Japan Rail Passes are only valid for foreign tourists visiting Japan from abroad for sightseeing under the entry status of temporary visitor (tourist visa).


Price from: 2,385 GBP per person.

Please enquire for confirmed prices for each date.


  • 12 Mar 2016 23 Mar 2016
  • 26 Mar 2016 6 Apr 2016
  • 16 Apr 2016 27 Apr 2016
  • 14 May 2016 25 May 2016
  • 28 May 2016 8 Jun 2016
  • 11 Jun 2016 22 Jun 2016
  • 16 Jul 2016 27 Jul 2016
  • 13 Aug 2016 24 Aug 2016
  • 10 Sep 2016 21 Sep 2016
  • 24 Sep 2016 5 Oct 2016
  • 8 Oct 2016 19 Oct 2016
  • 22 Oct 2016 2 Nov 2016
  • 5 Nov 2016 16 Nov 2016

Included in this trip:

  • Asakusa Guided Walk
  • Koya-san – Okunoin Cemetery
  • Kyoto – Temple/Shrine entrance (2)
  • Memory Lane Yakitori Dinner
  • Nikko – Toshogu Shrine
  • Soba Noodle Making Lesson
  • Takoyaki (octopus ball) class
  • Tokyo – Depachika visit
  • Tokyo – Metropolitan Government Building
  • Tokyo – Sumo Stable visit
  • Tokyo – Tsukiji Fish Market & Sushi breakfast
  • Tokyo Farmers Market Visit
  • Meals – as mentioned
  • Accommodation


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