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Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean – Tall Ship Races 2017

Sail across the Atlantic Ocean as you travel from St John New Brunswick in Canada to Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Join the crew of a Dutch tall ship for this hands-on transatlantic voyage that’s an exciting homecoming voyage for them too.  Start the journey a landlubber and finish a salty sailor.

The last trip of the crew’s Rendez-Vous 2017 Regatta brings them back home to Europe after having been overseas the entire summer.

Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean

Leaving from Canada you’ll cross the North Atlantic Ocean on your way to The Netherlands, Europe. The ultimate experience! You’ll get to know the amazing feeling of being a real seaman, making stopovers along the way where wind and weather allows.

Being at the great Ocean for a longer period of time is an incredible experience. It makes you realize that there is a world out there that is much larger than you are usually aware of. Away from civilization you enter an uninhabited world, where you can’t fall back on all the things you’ve gotten used to in your daily life.

When sailing the entire team on board is divided into four watches. Together with your watch mates you determine the course of the ship and navigate her to the next destination.

During your watch you learn things like hoisting sails, climbing up to the yard safely and how to navigate. You experience the value and fun of teamwork, responsibility and respect, all necessary for sailing a Tall Ship


  • Learn to sail a tall ship
  • Spot whales, inquisitive dolphins, and flying fish from on deck
  • Take the helm or climb the rigging as you work alongside the professional crew
  • Cross the Atlantic Ocean under sail!

With no phone signal and only very limited email access this is the perfect opportunity to take a digital detox.  Leave your day-to-day life behind and relax into the rhythm of life at sea. Many who have made this same crossing have called it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Think big for your next adventure, set your sights on the far horizon, and enquire today.

AUGUST 27 2017

OCTOBER 1 2017


€3,315 pp


The vessel began her working life in 1920 as a ‘herring hunter’, to bring the fresh catch from the North Atlantic to market as quickly as possible. Between 2007 and 2010, the sleek ship with the beautiful lines was converted into the spectacular schooner that we hope you’ll sail with soon.

The two 40-meter masts and her oversized sails dominate this vessel’s sillouhette. On deck you will find large spaces for gatherings, as well as several nooks and crannies that offer a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the busy ship. The aft deck is spacious and offers beautiful looks, while the middle deck can be covered over to protect from harsh sun or rain.

The slightly oval shape of the main hold is inspired by two hands, clasped together as a symbol of togetherness. The main hold is the heart of social life on board, and is easily reconfigured for study, meals, and rest, as well as the occasional raucous party. The designers wanted to give the ship a fresh and modern feel. By using a muted colour palette they accented the spaciousness of the deck house and the main hold. Both feel like a blank canvas, ready to be made home by the people who came on board.


Everyone is welcome to take the helm, set sails, assist with manoeuvres, navigation, weather observations, furling the sails on the yards and much more. The permanent crew will give lectures and instruct you during the voyage in steering, navigation and line handling and there is a real focus on training and learning in a fun relaxed environment.


Enquiry Form

If you’d like more information about Life on Board and what you can expect from joining a tall ship crossing of the Atlantic Ocean then complete the enquiry form and we’ll send you full details and will happily answer any questions! It’s a truly wonderful and exciting voyage of a lifetime – we hope to welcome you on board.

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