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Sail Canada to Brazil

Join this traditionally rigged tall ship as she sails from Canada across the equator to Brazil in September 2017. the trip is a whopping 4,500 nautical miles from Lunenburg, Canada to Salvador Brazil and will be completed in about 38 days.

Starting her yearly voyage from north to south in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, this first part of the journey includes crossing the the equator to Salvador, Brazil,

The voyage will commence in Lunenburg, the biggest harbour town in Nova Scotia, Canada. The historic city centre with its bright coloured houses is included in the World Heritage Site what makes is a very interesting place for tourists. From here the she will set sail towards Salvador where the she will arrive around the 11th of October, also a city rich history and culture and certainly worth stopping for a few days to explore after your voyage.

This ocean voyage is open to all ages and abilities, with full instruction provided on board so you can take an active role in sailing the ship. You’ll learn from professional square rig sailors and before you know it will be taking the helm and setting the sails alongside them.

38 days at sea is a wonderful opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of normal life, clear your head and get some space. Those that experience it know it to be a truly enriching experience. Far away from internet connection and social media, you will be able to enjoy the fresh sea air and sunsets over the horizon, in the company of other trainees in search of adventure.

Learn new skills, make friends with fellow voyage crew from around the world and become at one with the rhythm of the ocean.

More Details

Life on board

Many people who come on board struggle to believe the history of the hull of this classic three-master. This special purpose sail training ship was built in 1911. In 1994 she was fully restored as a barque (three mast rigged ship) and now roams the seas of the world in the best seafaring tradition. With a professional crew of maximum 14 and a complement of 48 voyage crew members of different ages and nationalities, the ship is powered by canvas and co-operation.

The crew makes sure the ship operates safely. The atmosphere on board reflects an adventurous maritime history. The traditional mahogany deckhouse, teakwood decks and floors as well as the beautiful interior with authentic early 20th century details provide a perfect ambiance for a fantastic voyage.

No experience needed

Everyone is welcome to take the helm, set sails, assist with manoeuvres, navigation, weather observations, furling the sails on the yards and much more. The permanent crew will give lectures and instruct you during the voyage in steering, navigation and line handling. This will be done in a “Dutch” style, so without yelling, blowing whistles and so on. Also, you will find no uniforms on the ship. Crossing the ocean properly with a square rigger under sail like this ship is a team effort, so we appreciate every input from the voyage crew. Sailing experience is not necessary. Instructions will be given in watch responsibilities, basic sail theory, line handling, steering and navigation.

There is always something new to see or to learn from the crew, of the voyage crew or by our environment. For some of the guests sailing on board it feels like an escape from their daily routine. Think of a relaxing time without your phone and without internet. Without Google you turn to each other and books for information. Let the people onboard surprise you with their knowledge of very diverse subjects. Live in the moment and admire the wonder of nature. During a voyage on board you establish a routine that is relaxing and comfortable but keeps you occupied.

Ideal for oceancrossings

The ship is ideal for ocean crossings and longer voyages, with various places for relaxing: library, lounge, poker corner and deckhouse. These different areas allow you to do your own thing: perhaps some quiet reading or a more active role in the social life in the deckhouse. In the aft of the ship you have the Library. This is usually the most quit place of the ship so ideal to read a book or work on your own logbook.

On tweendeck level you will find the Lounge. Breakfast is served here but this room also is used by the guides to have their lectures and show their movies. In the deckhouse you will find the ships Bar with the nice benches to meet your fellow crew and toast on another wonderful day.

There are four 2-person cabins, four 4-person cabins and four 6-person cabins. The classic romantic bunks are very comfortable. All cabins are provided with ensuite shower and toilet. There are 12 cabins, of which four are 2 person cabins, four are 4-person cabins and four are 6 person cabins. Every bunk has its own sheet, duvet and covers. You do not have to bring your own sleeping bags. Towels will be provided too.

The Ship

Inside the ship

The ship was built in 1911 in Hamburg, Germany, and fully rebuilt and re-rigged in 1994 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In the interior of the ship, you will find spaces for meals and social activities, such as the deckhouse and lounge, as well as more quiet areas for reading or writing, such as the library. There are four 2-person cabins, four 4-person cabins, and four 6-person cabins, all with bunk beds and en suite shower and toilet.

Food on board

An experienced cook and cook’s assistant will prepare three meals a day. Our trainees are often surprised by the variety of dishes served on board. The cooks try as far as possible to use local ingredients from the ports we visit. And if lucky, a freshly caught fish may appear on the menu as well!

The general mealtimes on board are:
Breakfast: 07:00 – 09:00
Lunch: 13:00
Dinner: 19:00

Baking of bread and cookies is done at night. At sea, midnight snacks are prepared, usually during the dog watch (24:00-04:00).

If you prefer to follow a vegetarian diet during your voyage or if you have any specific allergies, please indicate this on your booking form. Due to the special circumstances of preparing food at sea, we unfortunately cannot cater for vegan diets.


During the day there are fixed coffee and tea breaks (10h00, 14h00, 16h00 and 20h00). Of course water, coffee and tea is available to you at all times. Meals are usually served with dairy and juice. We recommend you to bring a water bottle from home which you can use to (re)fill with water. We also have bottles available for you in our ships shop.
Extra drinks like softdrinks and beer and wine can be ordered at the bar.


The ship is solidly built. Originally constructed to serve as a light ship, the rebuilding and conversion to a sailing vessel was carried out under the supervision of the Dutch Shipping Inspection, Bureau Veritas and Register Holland. She sails with worldwide certificates from each of these authorities and she complies with the highest requirements for sailing ships.

Experienced, professional crew members will ensure the ship’s safe operation. They possess all the necessary professional qualifications, and safety drills are carried out regularly. Our safety equipment comprises life jackets, life rafts, fire extinguishing equipment, fire-fighting outfits with breathing apparatus, diving equipment, a comprehensive stock of medicine, an emergency sick bay, EPIRB, and radar transponders.

The navigational and communication equipment comprises radar, a compass (in the wheelhouse, on deck and in the rescue boat), a satellite navigation system, an echo sounder, a sextant, one SSB transmitter, two Inmarsat-C terminals, an Iridium Satellite telephone, two VHF transmitters, a number of portable VHF’s and an emergency radio transmitter.
The ship has two zodiacs and a sloop with outboard engines. In addition to a drinking water capacity of 12.250 litres in permanent tanks, we are able to convert seawater into drinking water using a water maker.

Food stores will be taken on board just before our departure. We will also take on board 20,000 litres of diesel to fuel the heater, the generators and the two main engines. The ship has a power supply of 220V AC (50 Hz). The plugs on board are as used on the European continent (two-pins), and can be found in every cabin as well as in
the common areas.

Dates: September 4 – October 11, 2017
Embarkation: Lunenburg, Canada
Disembarkation: Salvador, Brazil

38 days, 4,500 nautical miles!

Prices: 2,975 EURO – in a 4/6 person cabin or 3,800 EURO – in a 2 person cabin (reserved for couples travelling together)


Originally built in 1911, this incredible traditionally-rigged barque has roamed the seas of the world as a sail training vessel since 2000 and built up the reputation of a ship that really sails. A professional crew of 14 and a complement of 48 voyage crewmembers of all ages and nationalities sail her.

Tall ships enthusiasts, many with no sailing experience, take the wheel, hoist the yards, navigate and do everything else required to sail the ship becoming part of the crew. We are particularly fond of this vessel as the founders of Another World Adventures met on board during a transatlantic crossing in 2011. Each year a varied and exciting schedule of voyages is announced including Antarctica expeditions, tall ship adventures, races and long ovean crossings – an experience that many dream of and none will forget.

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