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Sailing from South Africa to America in 2017

With up to 66 days at sea and just about 7200 nautical miles, this transatlantic voyage sailing from South Africa to America is a true adventure where you are part of the ship’s crew. The focus is on sailing training and environmental research. Swap your day to day for life on board a square rigger.

If you’re looking for a re-start on your energy and dreams, this is a guaranteed way to broaden your horizons (literally and figuratively). The trip is divided into two parts; Cape Town to Ascension Island and then on up to Boston. Join either exciting leg or do the whole thing! It’s exactly this kind of unbelievable journey that inspired the creation of Another World Adventures, and we know it’s magical enough to inspire your own growth and renewal.


  • Stop at the remote Atlantic island, Ascension Island, explore and relax on the golden beaches there
  • Cross the equator on a beautiful square rigger
  • Sail between two continents across the Atlantic Ocean
  • Visit Long Beach, a safe haven for sea turtles who come to lay their eggs each year
  • You are the crew and will be a part of a team that grows to feel like family each day (experience not necessary)

You’ll spend your days in a variety of ways – first and foremost is sailing training. Join a professional crew and a voyage crew (of which you’ll be a member) of all ages and nationalities as you learn just how essential ‘canvas and co-operation’ are to smooth and safe sailing.

Your vessel is a three mast rigged ship and was built in 1911. The atmosphere on board is a perfect reflection of the beauty and adventure of maritime history. Packed with modern amenities like a lounge, ship’s library, and poker corner, the vessel provides space for doing your own thing or joining the group.

Second to becoming a natural sailor during these two months is the scientific research that you’ll be a part of. You’ll learn about the data collection and research being done on global warming at sea and recording weather observations. This work is important to our planet’s future and you’ll have plenty of time to learn about the challenges and be inspired by the people doing this incredible work.

No experience is needed to join the voyage crew. All are encouraged to assist with navigation, weather observations, setting sails, taking the helm, manoeuvring, and so much more. The professional crew provide formal lectures and on the spot training to make sure you’re keeping safe and having fun. No whistle blowing, yelling, or uniforms, just solid team effort and comradery.

This is an adventure for everyone looking to escape from their daily routine and dream big. It’s life without a Smartphone at its grandest and the chance to live in the moment in a sustainable and motivating way. Enquire today to find out how you can join this voyage of a lifetime sailing from South Africa to North America.

Trip Notes

No Experience Needed
Everyone is welcome to take the helm, set sails, assist with manoeuvres, navigation, weather observations, furling the sails on the yards and much more. The permanent crew will give lectures and instruct you during the voyage in steering, navigation and line handling. This will be done in a “Dutch” style, so without yelling, blowing whistles and so on. Crossing the ocean properly with a square rigger under sail is a team effort, so we appreciate every input from the voyage crew. Sailing experience is not necessary. Instructions will be given in watch responsibilities, basic sail theory, line handling, steering and navigation.

There is always something new to see or to learn from the crew, of the voyage crew or by our environment. For some of the guests sailing on board feels like an escape from their daily routine. Think of a relaxing time without your phone and without internet. Without Google you turn to each other and books for information. Let the people onboard surprise you with their knowledge, live in the moment and admire the wonder of nature.

Joining the watch system
The ship sails 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sail handling can happen at any moment, so the crew takes turns in being a wake and sailing the ship. The ship is registered as a sail training ship and as such you will be mustered as voyage crew.  Participating in sailing and running the ship is part of the overall experience on board. The level of participation will depend on your interest and physical condition.

‘On watch’ you work together with the permanent crew for 4 hours at a time, after which you will be off for 8 hours. While on watch you will take turns at the helm, stand lookout and help with sail handling and maintenance. Following this system you will have watch at different times every day so you will see a sunrise one day and a sunset the next.

The ship has 12 cabins on board for voyage crew, four  2-persons cabins, four 4 persons cabins and four 6-persons cabins. All cabins are comforatble and have their own shower and toilet.

If you are travelling as a couple you can decide to book a 2-person cabin (subject to availability), but you can also be placed together with another couple in a 4-personscabin. Single travelers can find their bunk in a 4- or 6-personscabin (male or female cabins) We cannot guarantee any specific cabin or bunk to you, we can make a note of your preference, however the final cabin decision will be made on board by the captain.

Food and Drink
At sea it is very important to eat and drink well to feel good and have enough energy for sailing. An experienced cook and cooks mate prepare excellent meals every day. You will be suprised by the variaty of dishes. The cook will often use local ingredients from the ports we visit. And where possible a fresh caught fish will be on the menu as well!

The general meal times on board are:

Breakfast: 07:00 – 09:00
Lunch: 13:00
Dinner: 19:00
Coffee and tea: 10:00, 14:00, 16:00, 20:00
Baking of bread and cookies is done at night. At sea, midnight snacks are prepared, usually during the dog watch (24:00-04:00)

During the day water, coffee and tea is available to you all the time. We recommend you to bring a waterbottle from home which you can use to (re)fill with water. Extra drinks like softdrinks and beer and wine can be ordered at the bar. You will pay your barbill at the end of the voyage (in cash).

Dietary requirements
If you do not eat meat or (shell)fish or have an allergy for gluten please let the ships cook know. It is no problem for the ships cook to prepare vegetarian meals or cook and bake gluten -free. Please let us know your diet on the booking form. The cooks on board are very creative and serve a broad variety of menu’s.

Lots is possible however our small galley has its limits: we cannot offer a menu for vegans.

Keep in mind several ingredients are used in the galley like nuts and gluten. If you allergic to this the cook will provide for seperate dishes and menu’s. However on board and in the galley these ingredients are present.

Sailing the Ship

  • Maximum speed:  The max hull speed is just over 13 knots. In reality 12.5 knots has been made
  • All sails up: It takes about 45 minutes to hoist all sails
  • All sails down: It takes about 5 minutes to take all sails down
  • Rope on board: Including all sheets, halyards, clew and buntlines, brasses and mooringlines there is 5,5 kilometer rope on board
  • Close hauled: The ship can sail on a 65 degrees close hauled course

Sailing Terms and Commands
Please find below a few words you will hear on board quite often.  But remember –  no prior sailing experience is needed.

  • ‘Haul Away’:  Pull on the rope hand over hand or by sweating.
  • ‘2, 6, HEAVE’:  Everybody pulls together on HEAVE!
  • ‘Ease away’:  Ease the line slowly at first with a turn around the pin.
  • ‘Hold / Stop’ :  Stop Hauling or Easing.
  • ‘Cast Off / Let Fly’ : Take the line off the pin and let it run out on its own.
  • ‘One step Forward’ :  With the line in your hands, take one step towards the pin.
  • ‘Come Up / Let Go’ : Toss the line forwards, out of your hands QUICKLY.
  • ‘Make Fast / Belay’ :  Belay the line to the pin or cleat.
  • ‘Stand-By’ :  Get the lines ready by dropping the coils and taking it down to one turn on the pin. Don’t take action yet.
  • ‘Coil down’ :  Coil up all the lines that are on deck and hang them nicely on the pins.

Dates & Rates

Route: Cape Town – Ascension Island. A true ocean voyage with stop on St Helena
Embark: 13 April 2017, Cape Town, South Africa
Disembark: 6 May 2017, Ascension Island, UK
Length: 25 days, 2,500 nautical miles
Price: 1,620 EUR per person in a 4/6 person cabin or 2,220 EUR per person in a 2 person cabin

Get in touch for full details and to reserve your place.

Route: Ascension Island –  Boston, USA. Sail across the equator and beyond!
Embark: 6 May 2017, Ascension Island, UK
Disembark: 17 June 2017, Boston, USA
Length: 43 days, 5,200 nautical miles
Price: 2,760 EUR per person in a 4/6 person cabin or 3,910 EUR per person in a 2 person cabin

Special Full Ocean Crossing Combination Fare

Cape Town, South Africa to Boston, USA
Length: 66 days, 7,700 nautical miles
Price: 3,950 EUR per person in a 4/6 person cabin or 5,550 EUR per person in a 2 person cabin

Get in touch for full details and to reserve your place.


Since 1994 this incredible barque has roamed the seas of the world and built up the reputation of a ship that really sails. A professional crew of 14 and a complement of 48 voyage crewmembers of all ages and nationalities sail her.

Tall Ships enthusiasts, many with no sailing experience, take the wheel, hoist the yards, navigate and do everything else required to sail the ship becoming part of the crew. We are particularly fond of this vessel as the founders of Another World Adventures met on board during a transatlantic crossing in 2011. Each year a varied and exciting schedule of voyages is announced including Antarctica expeditions, tall ship adventures, races and long ovean crossings – an experience that many dream of and none will forget.

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