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Trek Afghanistan Wakhan Corridor Expedition

This Wakhan Corridor expedition has a history which began back in 2011 with a hugely successful inaugural journey to Lake Zorkul. In 2012 the group made it to the Little Pamir. In 2013 the adventurers pioneered the route through the Little and Big Pamirs.

The aim of the Trek Afghanistan Wakhan Corridor Expedition in 2018 is to navigate from the Little Pamir to the Big Pamir via the Showr Pass.  A journey to the roof of the world.

For generations pioneering adventurers have been coming to this remote valley – even today it’s a strong source of motivation for the boldest of travellers.  Join the likes of Marco Polo, Lord Curzon and John Wood (Britons on a mission to expand the British Empire), Sir Auriel Stein (archeologist following the footsteps of Alexander’s great army), and the innumerable mountaineers of the 20th century who plied their trade in the Wakhan before moving on to conquer the Himalayas.

Not super familiar (yet) with the Wakhan?  The corridor is a slice of land pointing east from Afghanistan to China.  To the north lies Tajikstan and to the south lies Pakistan.  At the far eastern end of the corridor the three mighty ranges of the Karakoram, the Hindu Kush, and the Pamir converge and form what is known as the Pamir Knot.

In the Afghan Pamir the steep valleys give way to higher altitude valleys – the Little and Big Pamir.  They form two large U-shaped mountain valleys that provide the nomads with abundant grazing each summer, but which are so high in altitude that they are impassable  due to snow for six months of the year.

  • Enjoy the generous hospitality of the Kyrgyz and Wakhi people and, if lucky, learn how to play Buzkashi
  • Follow in the footsteps of John Wood, Lord Curzon, and Francis Younghusband and relive The Great Game
  • Discover these two unique high mountain areas in the remote Wakhan Corridor
  • Be stunned by the mountain scenery as you trek through an area not frequently explored

This is a challenging expedition designed for the truly bold at heart.  Enquire today to learn more about your adventure trek into the Wakhan Corridor.


Day 1 – Arrive in Dushanbe, drive to Kalaikhum
Day 2 – Kalaikhum – Ishkhashim
Day 3 – Ishkhashim – Khundud
Day 4 – Khunded – Sarhad e Boroghil
Day 5 – Sarhad e Boroghil
Day 6 – Sarhad e Boroghil – Baharak
Day 7 – Baharak – Tchap Dara valley
Day 8 – Tchap Dara valley – Showr Camp
Day 9 – Showr Camp – Saramakor
Day 10 – Saramakor / Rest Day
Day 11 – Saramakor – Bechkonok
Day 12 – Bechkonok – Bitebet
Day 13 – Bitebet – Bulok
Day 14 – Bulok – Manjalak
Day 15 – Manjalak – Shikirga Valley
Day 16 – Shikirga Valley – Asan Kitich
Day 17 – Asan Kitich – Sargaz
Day 18 – Sargaz – Ishkhashim
Day 19 – Ishkhashim – Kalaikhum
Day 20 – Kalaikhum – Dushanbe
Day 21 – Dushanbe / contingency
Day 22 – Dushanbe – Fly

Reality of Travel – The itinerary above is the proposed plan. However, things can be unpredictable. Rivers flood, local political situations change, group speeds vary and the weather is unpredictable. While it serves as a guide the itinerary could possibly change due to situations the operator doesn’t foresee. They do have contingency plans for various situations.

More Details


Will be in a basic guesthouses in Tajikistan and the Wakhan Valley. These often have communal rooms where everybody sleeps. You will be camping as you move off on the trek, and may be invited to stay in yurts at times. There are few frills up in the mountains, but what you will witness in these breathtaking valleys will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression upon you.


Is usually kebab- and bread-based in Tajikistan! In Afghanistan it is based on rice and bread, with occasional yak-milk yoghurt. While trekking you will have a cook who will make rice, potato and pasta dishes, basic but good.


Will involve bumpy rides in 4WD vehicles, trekking and horse and possibly some yak riding. Don’t worry if you have limited riding experience, the animals are usually well behaved.

Suitable Team Members

Team members should be willing to be part of a team working together to achieve the goal of the expedition. They should have an adventurous and robust spirit. They should be fit and healthy as this trip involves 12 continuous days of strenuous trekking (approx 25 km a day) in remote areas at altitudes of up to 5,000 metres.

Safety and Security

The operator takes the security in this region very seriously and keeps a close eye on things in the run up to the trip making any itinerary and trip changes accordingly. They assess the security threat in the Wakhan to be low, due to the following reasons:


There have been no incidents in the region for the at least the last 10 years. The Taliban never controlled this region in the 90′s.


The Wakhan is a one-way street, surrounded by international borders and high mountain ranges.  There is only one way in or out for malign elements; through the heavily policed town of Ishkhashim.


The people of the area have nothing in common with malign elements in the region.


The Wakhan is a particularly poor region with no economic resources (poppy etc), so there is no reason for malign elements to go there. If you have any questions about the safety and security aspects of this trip please complete the enquiry form so we can connect you with the tour operator for a call.

Dates: 16 Jul – 6 Aug 2018

Price: from 3,599 GBP


  • full services of an expedition leader with local guides and drivers
  • all meals – we will have a cook to provide excellent local meals
  • all transport as outlined in the itinerary
  • all accommodation
  • all local permits


  • international flights
  • local airport taxes and international visas
  • tips to local guides
  • beverages and any costs of a personal nature
  • personal equipment (once booked you’ll receive a comprehensive kit list)


When it comes to getting off the beaten track these guys can’t be beaten. They lead pioneering expeditions to some of the most remote regions on earth. The organisers are dedicated to creating imaginative experiences for adventurers around the world and their team of expert military guides are some of the most experienced in the industry.

Nowhere is off limits and no idea is too crazy. They have achieved ground breaking world firsts such as mountain biking in Afghanistan and mountaineering in Iraq and their first ever expeditions to walk across Madagascar and pioneer white water rafting in South Sudan both made the headlines…. and a bit of history.

Being wild and wacky is one thing but with their background as commanders in the British Army and experienced team of specialists in every kind of terrain and environment means that all of their adventures are thoroughly planned and the safety and security of teams is always their highest priority.

Expeditions can be inherently risky, but they do everything possible to minimise potential hazards and for that, and the utterly extraordinary trips they put on, we salute them.

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