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West Country and Brittany Sailing Adventures

Some of the most stunning sailing destinations are to be found off the western and southern coasts of the United Kingdom. This summer, join an 18th century Lugger for a sailing adventure that is truly hands on. You’ll be voyage crew as you explore the best of Cornwall, Devon, and Brittany.

This series of week long voyages all start from Dartmouth or Falmouth and aim to explore the sheltered bays, quaint fishing villages, intriguing maritime history, and the wildlife of Cornwall and Devon. When conditions are favourable, there is also the chance to undertake a channel crossing to France. This allows for some night sailing and helping to keep watch before the ultimate reward of delicious food and drink in the French markets. This summer you can also join the ship for a fun weekend of racing at the Falmouth Classics festival in June.

The Lugger was built in 2011 in a traditional design. It’s family run and owners Marcus and Freya (along with their young son) provide a comfortable and friendly environment for all. Wholesome homemade cooking come with the voyage as do a great willingness to share their love of the sea and sailing. They are experts and they love nothing more that to help you have a great time.

Joining the ship as voyage crew means that you’ll fully participate in all areas of sailing. From working with the sails to navigating, to steering. You’ll be taught everything you need to know as you go along, so no prior experience is necessary. If you’re new to sailing, this is the perfect way to start – and explore a beautiful part of the world at the same time. And if you’ve already logged some time at sea, this is a great way to continue exploring your love of the wide open blue. It’s a voyage designed for everyone.

For each voyage the goal is to have at least one night passage and one day on shore. You’ll get three delicious meals a day to keep your energies up as you learn how to sail. You’ll work right alongside the permanent crew who are truly passionate about the training on board. All that’s needed are a willingness to learn and an unbounded spirit for adventure.

Group size is small which means this is a great voyage for getting to know your fellow voyage crew. Working and living closely makes for great teamwork and camaraderie as well as enjoyable dinner conversation.

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Cross Channel Cargo Delivery Adventure

Trip Notes

On joining the ship you’ll be welcomed with freshly baked cake whilst the Skipper provides  a safety briefing and lays out the rough itinerary for the week. The aim is for each sailing voyage to have at least a day ashore and one night passage – although this is dependent on the weather. The ship tends to leave port to sail somewhere close on the first day and will aim to be in port for 10am on the final day of the trip.

The ship’s cook produces 3 simple but delicious meals a day, eaten together and made with fresh ingredients. Your day will generally start at 7am with breakfast at 8am and lunch potentially eaten on the go if sailing. Hot drinks are always available and quite a bit of fresh home baking to keep energy levels up! Some dietary requirements are catered for i.e. vegetarians.  Gluten/dairy free diets can also be catered for but you may be asked to bring your own alternatives. Some wine is served with the first evening meal and voyage crew are asked to purchase their own then onwards from ashore or easier than that bring some with you.

Working alongside the ship’s permanent crew there will be plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and the ship’s crew are passionate about the tuition they offer on board.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice or a hardy sailor as long as you’re willing to get involved and work as part of a team. A good level of fitness is desired by not essential and you won’t be asked to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

The ship’s crew do all cleaning on board and voyage crew are not required to help with this as part of their duties.


Dates & Rates

West Country & Brittany sailing adventures

Please note all voyage itineraries are dependent on the weather and no guarantees can be given that particular destinations will be visited.

Voyage 1
Dates: 27 April – 3 May 2015 (6 nights)
Start: Dartmouth
Finish: Falmouth
Suggested itinerary: West Country sailing
Cruise the West Country on a newly built 18th Century Lugger, taking in historic ports, market towns and fabulous scenery. Fresh, healthy meals cooked on board. A chance to sail along the beautiful Devon and Cornish coast day hopping west. Anyone can sail and we welcome beginners.
Price: £850 (Adult) / £513 (Child)

Voyage 2
Dates: 1 June – 6 June (6 nights)
Start: Falmouth
Finish: Falmouth
Suggested itinerary : Scillies/Cornish coast
Cruise the West Country and Isles of Scilly on a 18th Century Lugger, taking in fabulous scenery and island life. Fresh, healthy meals cooked on board. Good balance of sailing and exploring ashore as we cruise the islands, great for beaches, wildlife and for those who want a real get away. Great for beginners and families.
Price: £850 (Adult) / £513 (Child)

Voyage 3
Dates: 11-14 June 2015 (3 nights)
Start: Falmouth
Finish: Falmouth
Suggested itinerary: Racing and Sea Shantys!
An opportunity to join the ship for a weekend of racing in Cornwall’s Falmouth Classics festival. A fun 3 nights onboard with marina facilities. Meet and mingle with the rest of the boats and their crews on the thursday evening, race day on friday in local Falmouth waters, good food cooked onboard, back in for beers and Sea Shanty singing at Falmouth’s annual sea shanty festival in the evenings. More racing on Sat and singing in the evening. Final race on sunday morning. Racing is exciting and the ship needs a good strong team to make her perform. Are you up for the challenge? …..
Price: £420 per person

Voyage 4
Dates: 16-23 July 2015 (7 nights)
Start: Dartmouth
Finish: Dartmouth
Suggested itinerary: West Country / Brittany
Sail east towards Lulworth Cove, Exmouth and Lyme Bay, sail west exploring ports such as Cawsand, Tamar, Fowey, or sail sail across the channel to Northern Brittany and the Channel Islands.
Price: £990 (Adult) / £599 (Child)

Voyage 5 – cancelled due to maintenance work
Dates: 25 July – 31 July 2015 (6 nights)
Start: Dartmouth
Finish: Falmouth
Suggested itinerary: : Devon and Cornish coasts
The Devon and Cornish coasts are dramatic and inspiring viewed from the water. From Dartmouth to Falmouth we can sail and explore of the hidden ports nestled in the South West of Cornwall and Devon. Fresh, healthy meals cooked on board. Good sailing miles to cover and tuition from our crew.
Price: £850 (Adult) / £513 (Child)

Voyage 6
Dates: 20 – 27 August (7 nights)
Start: Falmouth
Finish: Falmouth
Suggested itinerary: Scillies/Cornish/Brittany voyage
Sail West to the Helford River, Penzance, the island anchorages on Uschant or sail East to St Mawes, The River Fal, Fowey, Mevagissey and Charlestown.
Price: £990 (Adult) / £599 (Child)

Voyage 7
Dates: 29 August – 4 Sept (6 nights)
Start: Falmouth
Finish: Falmouth
Suggested itinerary: Scilly Islands/West Country
Cruising the West Country and Isles of Scilly on a 18th Century Lugger, taking in fabulous scenery and island life. Fresh, healthy meals cooked on board. Good balance of sailing and exploring ashore as we cruise the islands, great for beaches, wildlife and for those who want a real get away.
Price: £850 (Adult) / £513 (Child)

Voyage 8
Dates: 7-13 September (6 nights)
Start: Falmouth
Finish: Falmouth
Suggested itinerary: Scilly Islands/Cornish coast
Sailing past Mousehole and Lands End and disappearing towards the horizon can be magical and the islands just out of sight are well worth the sail. The Isles of Scilly are unspoilt, quiet, pristine and relaxing. We anchor and row ashore to visit the islands, explore and return to the ship for a wholesome meal. Then we sail on to the next bay.
Price: £850 (Adult) / £513 (Child)

Voyage 9
Dates: 17 – 24 September (7 nights)
Start: Falmouth
Finish: Dartmouth
Suggested itinerary: West country sailing or cross channel
The sailing passage will be dependent on the weather but this voyage is likely to go west exploring ports such as Cawsand, River Tamar, Fowey, Mevagissey, St Mawes and the Helford River. Or alternatively a sail across the channel to Northern Brittany and the Channel Islands.
Price: £990 (Adult) / £599 (Child)


Notes on prices:

Two berths will be reserved for children per sailing voyage on a first come first serve basis for five – fifteen year olds. There are two berths which are big enough for a parent and child under five to share (no charge for the child).

Discounts are available for whole boat bookings – all 9 berths for the price of 8.


Price includes:

  • 1 berth onboard
  • Shared storage lockers
  • evening meals 2 course onboard
  • lunches onboard , on excursion days you are asked to but lunch ashore
  • breakfasts on board ( continental, fresh fruit, yogurt every day. 1 cooked breakfast per voyage)
  • tea coffee and daytime snacks various
  • bedding and linen beds made up prior to arrival
  • wet weather jacket and trousers
  • life jacket and safety equipment
  • device charging facilities
  • all harbour fees
  • cleaning and cooking provided ( some washing up expected to be done by voyage crew)

Price excludes:

  • 1 planned dinner eaten ashore at customers expense per voyage
  • lunches eaten ashore on excursion days
  • Alcohol which cannot be purchased onboard, bring your own.

Please bring:

  • towel
  • waterproof boots
  • sea sickness tablets ( if required)
  • passport



“We love this family run sailing business that offers a modern, fresh faced, adventure sailing experience on a newly built traditional vessel.

Sailing with a maximum of 16 on board including the permanent crew, the voyages are hands on sailing in the truest sense with plenty to do and get involved with. Freya and Marcus built the ship themselves back in 2011 and the replica 18th Century Lugger is their business but also their family home where they live with their little boy Malachi. Individuals, groups and families are all welcome to join them. The ship has a full time cook, a professional crew and is a MCA coded vessel.

In 2015 the ship is offering two types of adventure sailing experience. The cross Channel cargo delivery voyages are a chance to become real working crew helping the ship move cargo to Brittany and back. Or you can sail as crew on one of their more relaxed traditional sailing voyages cruising around The West Country and Brittany.”

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