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MyPowerMate – A Revolutionary New Travel Adaptor

Find out how necessity was the mother of a new invention to make your travels even easier

Travel and open-mindedness

Momondo have published a new report about the value of travelling. The global study explored the relationship between travel and open-mindedness, asking does travel really bring people together?

An historic Arctic expedition to the Northwest Passage

Discover three epic voyages to sail the infamous Northwest Passage and the Canadian Arctic in summer 2017 on a full-rigged tall ship.

Nine Epic Rivers to Raft

From Africa to Asia and across to the Americas here are nine epic rivers waiting for you and your raft to take them on

Top Tips if you’re training for a cycling holiday

If you’re training for a cycling holiday we’ve got some tips and advice so you’ll get fit and enjoy your trip to the max

The future of travel?

A cyclist has completed the traditional Lands End to John O’Groats 1,500km cycle challenge across the UK … from the comfort of his living room! Using a Virtual Reality headset he rigged up to Google Street View, Aaron Puzey has pedalled his exercise bike through over 300 towns and villages seeing some “hilarious and amazing […]

Living Like a Gaucho

Discover more about the fabled life of the South American gauchos and find out how you could experience living like a gaucho too

Today, a nomadic way of life is all but gone but there are still pockets of the world where this tradition still continues.

European Wilderness Destinations

Discover incredible European wilderness destinations and adventure holiday experiences

Top American Wilderness Destinations

With over 100 million acres, the National Wilderness Preservation System in the U.S. is as diverse as it is stunning, here are our top American wilderness destinations