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Celebrate National Rum Day!

Today is National Rum Day. Celebrate with an adventure to the home of good rum in the Caribbean and Central America if you’ve got a taste for adventure too.

Discover brand new adventure experiences

Two exciting new adventures in Iceland and Greenland for the runners among you now on

4 Ways to Convince Your Boss a Sabbatical is a Great Idea

Sabbaticals are an amazing way to develop personal and professional skills, reset your mind and body and re-energise your creative spirit but not all employers are open to the idea.


Today we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Jeep wrangler. With a history dating back to World War 2 this military vehicle has became the favourite of many an adventurer.

Splish splash: Discover epic water adventures

Feeling the heat? Adventure seekers, don’t panic. Read our round up of the best water adventures on offer, whether you’re looking for sailing, surfing, rafting, or kayaking.

Why we love trekking adventures

Today it seems that the world has become suddenly so small, and time is money so we’re always in a hurry to do as many things as possible. There is no time to lose and stress is high. Here at Another World Adventures we see things a little differently. Our mission is to make the […]

Celebrate International Lion Day with a wild adventure

Today is the International Lion Day. We love to celebrate these majestic creatures but we need this anniversary because lions are an endangered species. Protection and conservation are paramount and some of the adventure travels you’ll find on our site will take you to the heart of protected areas where herds of lions live in the wild. We recognise […]

Adventure travels & indigenous communities

Today is the International Day of Indigenous People. We believe this is a very important day. The lives and lifestyles of indigenous people around the world are becoming endangered. Their way of life, culture, language, and traditions in many cases are at risk of extinction so today we ponder adventure travels & indigenous communities. Another World […]

Everybody wants to be this cat

Two of our favourite things are cats and sailing, so what better than the story of a sailing cat? The hatred between cats and water may be just a myth after all, because this feline friend spends most of her time on a sailing boat. Amelia the cat is in the good company of her […]

Inspiring cycle adventures for 2017

Still cheering for the Tour de France? You might not be Chris Froom but if this great English victory is an inspiration for you to mount your bike more often, then we’ve got the trip for you. Take a few months to get your fitness up and then get on one of these fantastic New Year cycling adventures.