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MyPowerMate – A Revolutionary New Travel Adaptor

MyPowerMate – A Revolutionary New Travel Adaptor

We often get contacted by people trying to promote new products for travellers and, mostly because we like to keep it simple when it comes to packing, it’s rare the products catch our eye. They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ which is why a message from a travelling inventor really caught our attention when it hit our inbox this week and we wanted to share it in case you’re keen to support his efforts. 

So here it is, MyPowerMate – created by Andro G, a native of Bavaria, MyPowerMate is a truly universal adaptor which has, he claims, a fitting for every single socket on Earth.

We’re impressed.

If you’ve ever had to deal with a broken travel adaptor (or packed the wrong adaptor for the country you’re traveling to) you know the feeling of minor panic that can set in.  That’s exactly what happened to Andro last year when he was traveling in the Philippines.  Faced with dead batteries he did the only thing he could:  he picked up some pliers and somehow got a USB charger to fit into the socket.

From there the idea of revolutionizing travel adaptors was born. A little over half a year later and a prototype of MyPowerMate was ready for production.

Andro’s adaptor uses legs and pins to create a different shape for all 15 socket models.  But the great thing is that it does even more.  It features a USB connection, a 4-gig flash drive to keep photos safe, intelligent charging, overload and splash protection, intelligent charging, and a child lock.

Right now, MyPowerMate is gaining supporters through a Kickstarter campaign.  If you’re interested in purchasing the adaptor you can pre-order and help kick-start production.

With every pre-order or donation, the possibilities for MyPowerMate increase.  Not only are you able to purchase the device at lower than the retail price, but you can be part of the revolution.  If 25,000 Mates are ordered, different colours become possible.  If 45,000 Mates are ordered, they’ll come with their own travel bag.

Andro has even created a quick survey to find out what additional features customers are looking for.

For more information and to place a pre-order, check out this link.

Good luck Andro! And nice one on this awesome travel gadget!