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Sailing the Arctic

The Arctic. Sitting at the top of the world, it’s a fairytale region of extremes. Covered in sea ice the Arctic is a seemingly unwelcome place for sailors, but sailing the Arctic is actually the perfect way to explore this wilderness region.

Back on the Map

As countries resurface to welcome adventurers once again an infusion of tourism can be vital in helping a country recover from times of hardship and provide the means to rebuild for the future.

Living Like a Gaucho

Discover more about the fabled life of the South American gauchos and find out how you could experience living like a gaucho too

European Wilderness Destinations

Discover incredible European wilderness destinations and adventure holiday experiences

Top American Wilderness Destinations

With over 100 million acres, the National Wilderness Preservation System in the U.S. is as diverse as it is stunning, here are our top American wilderness destinations

Our favourite Asian Adventures

Our pick of new Asian adventures perfect for solo travellers and small groups looking to get off the tourist trail and enjoy a culture immersion and physical challenge.

Unmissable adventures in September 2016

The beginning of September for most means a return to routine. Going back to work or to school. If you’re not tied to fixed holidays this is a great season for adventure if you want to avoid the summer holiday crowds. Here are some of the best September adventure trips you could be on! Sail Greek […]

Ski Iraq, an Amazing Pioneer Travel Adventure

We’re well and truly settled into summer here in UK so it can be hard thinking about adventure that involve ice unless it’s to go in your cocktail. But as with many of the most exciting trips the groups are small and fill quickly so here’s a suggestion for winter if you’re hoping to get […]

The best adventures for a beginner

If you love true adventures instead of mainstream holidays, you are in the right place. And if you are a beginner adventurer, this is is the blog for you.

Australasia, Home of Adventure

Australasia is a wonderful continent. Its lands calls for true adventure, but beware as danger may be hidden behind the beauty. Indeed, this continent is home of some of the most poisonous and dangerous animals in the world! Don’t panic though, with so much to see they’ll be the least of your worries and just […]