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Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean – Transatlantic 2017/18

It’s every adventure seeker’s dream to sail across the Atlantic Ocean.Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean TOP26

Whether you’re a beginner or pro sailor there are options for you all on board hands on sailing vessels if you have the ambition to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Join yachts and tall ships as guest (voyage) crew and learn incredible new skills as you pull together as a team to harness the wind and reach a new continent.

Learn the ropes on a classic tall ship, racing or expedition yacht. Experience navigation, planning and life on board with your fellow crew who will be a mix of ages and from all walks of life. There’s no upper age limit on the voyages and decisions on participants are made on a case-by-case basis by the crew office for each vessel but the key requirement is good health and an enthusiasm to get involved.

Another World Adventures was founded by Tori Howse and Larissa Clark off the back of an epic Atlantic Crossing to Brazil from Europe in 2011 so we know the power of a voyage like this on shaping lives.

Below are some trips where you can sail across the Atlantic Ocean as guest crew. In all cases, except the ARC 2016 and 2017 race, you’ll learn all you need to know on the go. The ARC race requires you to have a number of sailing pre-requisites before taking part. The list is being updated regularly so make sure you’re on our newsletter for updates.

Speak to us about your plans and dreams for this great adventure so we can advise you on the best voyage route and crew to join.

Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean – Autumn/Winter 2016

Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean | Another World Adventures

 Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean | Europe to South America

East to West
Sail across the Atlantic Ocean on a classic Dutch tall ship. You are the crew from Cape Verde to Montevideo.
Leg 4: Cabo Verde, Verde Islands to Montevideo, Uruguay (34 days) Atlantic Crossing
Price 4/6 person cabin: EUR 2,450Dates: Depart: 9 October 2016, Cabo Verde, Verde Islands /Arrive: 11 November 2016 Montevideo, Uruguay
Days: 34


ARC 2016 ARC 2017 Atlantic Crossing Crew Places

ARC Transatlantic Race Crew Places 2016

East to West
Race crew berths available for experienced individuals to join for ARC Transatlantic 2016 course on a world-class yacht from Canaries to St Lucia. Complete the enquiry form to find out about 2017.
Dates: 14th Nov to 4th Dec 2016
Price: £3,960
Depart: Las Palmas / Arrive: St Lucia



Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean – Spring 2017

© Jordi Plana_Transatlantic sailing_View from deck_TOP010

Sailing from South Africa to America in 2017

South East to North West
Join a transatlantic voyage on a traditional tall ship sailing from South Africa to America. You are the crew. No experience necessary.
Dates: 13 April – 17 June 2017
Price: Single legs from 1,620 EUR
Depart: Cape Town, South Africa / Arrive: Boston, USA
Length: 25-66 days


Sail Cape Verde to the Caribbean TOP018

Ocean Sail Crossing Cape Verde to Caribbean

East to West
Join a historic tall ship sailing to the Caribbean on a 22 day ocean adventure from the Cape Verde Islands
Dates: 3 – 25 March 2017
Price: from 2,000 EUR
Depart: Sal, Cape Verde / Arrive: Martinique, Caribbean
Length: 22 days


Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean Summer 2017

Transatlantic sailing Canada to Europe TOP018_12

Transatlantic sailing Canada to Europe

West to East
Transatlantic sailing Canada to Europe – you are the crew on an historic tall ship in this 30 day Atlantic race
Dates: 29 July – 1 Sept 2017
Price: from 3,230 EUR
Depart: Halifax, Canada /Arrive: Le Havre, France
Length: 30 days


Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean – Spring 2018

Sail Cape to Cape across the southern Atlantic Ocean

Sail Across the Atlantic Cape to Cape via Antarctica 2018

Southern West to East
Sail Cape to Cape via Antarctica on a traditional tall ship from South America to South Africa.

This trip in 2017 is fully booked and the 2018 dates are already on wait list so complete the enquiry form for more details on your options for taking part.

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