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Voyage 1: Antarctica & South Georgia Expedition 2018

An extraordinary mix of ocean sailing, Antarctica & South Georgia Expedition

If you are looking for an extraordinary journey and true adventure then this is the trip for you.

Sail Antarctica 2018 Voyage 1 Another World Adventures

VOYAGE 1: Montevideo, Uruguay – Argentina via South Georgia and Antarctica
14th November – 22nd December 2018
39 Days
Start: Montevideo, Uruguay
Finish: Ushuaia, Argentina
Via: South Georgia & Antarctica
4/6 person cabin: €8,190
2 person cabin: €8,950

The tall ship sails from Uruguay from the port of Montevideo to the remote island of South Georgia.

Montevideo is the capital and largest city of Uruguay. The city was founded by Spanish troops as a means to counter the maritime power of Buenos Aires in the region. Halfway through the 19th century the city was the battle ground of opposing governement groups. After a cease fire, the city had time to develop and the city grew fast. Modern discoveries were added to the developing city, with the first electricity being installed in 1886 along with telephones and a train service.

The city is located along the estuary of Rio de la Plata, which is around 200 km wide at the location of the city. Along this estuary you can also find world’s longest sidewalk, 13,7 km long! The natural bay on which the city is located is situated in such a way that also for road transport Montevideo is an important stop between Buenos Aires and Porto Alegre in Brazil. One of the most popular places in the city is the Mercado del Puerto, the old harbor market in the Ciudad Vieja, where a lot of bars and restaurants are located.

A fascinating place to kick start your adventure.

During this leg you and the crew can usually take advantage of the prevailing strong westerly winds making for a good crossing to South Georgia.

You will be able to experience all the aspects of seaman’s life, including watch keeping, climbing the masts and classic navigation. When it comes to sailing on board, teamwork is the keyword.

On board you learn the names of the hundreds of different lines and 30 sails. Everybody will experience the voyage differently; The horizon will sail with the ship day after day, Wandering Albatrosses, dolphins who play in the bow wave, a waxing and waning moon, etcetera.Sailing Antarctica 2014 2015 8

Sailing on board

It is also a real sailing trip that involves the sailing between your destinations and finally crossing of the Drake Passage, under sail whenever possible.

During the many sailing days, you will be part of the watch system, fulfilling sailing duties on board: steering, lookout and sail handling. You will also enjoy the lecture program put together by guides and crew for the whole trip. Some subjects covered during these talks are about the rigging, the lines, the different sails, navigation concepts and rope work.

During the natural history talks you will learn to see the difference between various species of birds, including the mighty albatrosses, like the Black-browed, Wandering and Light Mantled Sooty Albatross. In this way, during the voyage, you will be developing sail handling skills and expanding your knowledge on wildlife, history, glaciology, meteorology and other topics related with your trip.

The Southern Atlantic Ocean is infamous for its roughness, hence the names: “Roaring Forties”, “Furious Fifties” and “Screaming Sixties” corresponding with the degrees of latitude. Sailing from island to island give you the time to experience all the aspects of seaman’s life.

Guides on board

During the Antarctica expeditions there will be one or more a guides on board. He/she knows the area you will be visiting as well. The guide gives lectures on board the ship about the flora and fauna you will encounter, prepares you for the landings on shore and will guide you on the shore walks.

Booking or optional reservation?

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Booking or optional reservation?

The crew are pleased that you are reading this information on the new Antarctica season 2018/2019 but….. they only start accepting bookings on 19 September 2017, at noon (CEST). This to give everyone a fair change to book one of these unique expeditions. (Central European Summer Time).

How to Book

  • Complete the Another World Adventures Enquiry Form and we will send you the new season booking form and refer you to the crew office of the operator to submit your booking request directly.
  • Bookings will be accepted by the ship at 18 September 2017 from 12.00 hrs CEST and processed in order of receipt.
  • Any bookings received before this time will not be processed
  • Please note. The expeditions sail in remote areas with limited medical possibilities. It is important to be in a good physical condition to enjoy your expedition fully
  • Please keep in mind that after medical approval of your booking your reservation is definite and a cancellation fee will apply. The ship requires a deposit of 30% after confirmation.
  • It is possible to make an optional reservation for two weeks. Definite reservations received on 18th Sept 2018 are treated with priority, optional reservations confirmed based on availability.
  • There are only 3 x 2 person cabins available and these are reserved for people travelling in pairs


Antarctica 2018/19 Season