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Solo Travel – Another World Adventures

Solo Travel Another World Adventures

More and more people of all different ages are choosing solo travel for their next adventure. Often surprising and exciting solo travel can sometimes be tough and lonely but rarely dull. 

Here’s some advice for solo travellers so you can make the most of a trip. Plus you can see the way we work hand picking operators who work hard to make a solo travel experience one to really write home about through a small group adventure tour.

Active Cuba Explorer TOP015_9Solo travel: Know yourself

In order to best plan and experience that works to your strengths and that incorporates the things you most want to do you must be honest with yourself. If you’re confident in meeting people along the road an independent trip might be right for you, but if you’d like to join a group of like-minded people (including other solo travellers) then you might want to pick a small group tour for part or all of your trip.

Solo travel: Be selfish

No one to ask but yourself! One of the most indulgent things about travelling alone is not having to worry about what everyone else wants to do. Forget the endless lists of “must see/do” from friends and family and do what you want. Don’t fancy visiting that market? Don’t go! Want to spend all day quietly pondering life in your new favourite temple? Go for it.

Persian Explorer TOP007_9Solo travel: Disconnect

Social media has transformed a solo travel experience. Providing you have wifi access you can let your friends and family know you’re doing well and are safe while finding friendly forums and local events to get involved with. However a word of caution is not to get tied into screen time. If you’re constantly eyes down looking at at your iPad or laptop you’re less likely to take in what’s going on around you or start chatting to new acquaintances. Use the time to disconnect from your online life for a while.

Celestial Mountain Action Adventure (Kyrgyzstan) TOP007_6Solo travel: Take a course or join a club

A great way to meet people and get a local view of a place is by taking a course or joining a club. Go to yoga class, take a cookery course or join a running club and no one will think it strange that you’re on your own. Signing up for local language classes can also be the perfect way not only to feel more confident travelling alone but its also a great opportunity to meet other travellers.

Solo travel: Join a group

There are LOTS of benefits of joining an organised small group tour for part of all of your trip. Not only will you meet other like-minded solo travellers but you’ll also benefit from the knowledge of expert local guides who can take you well off the usual tourist paths, save money (it costs less to split travel, guiding and accommodation costs etc) and be able to take a break from the daily planning.

The Ganges Ardh Kumbh Mela TOP015_3Solo travel group opportunities – what to expect

The fixed date departures and small group adventure holidays we hand pick for the Another World Adventures website are ideally suited to the solo traveller. Beyond getting the security of travelling with a well organised group you get all the excitement of exploring a new place while making new lifelong friends. Travelling solo doesn’t mean travelling alone when you join a small group adventure.

Over 60% of the adventure seekers who get in touch with Another World Adventures are solo travellers. We’ve selected tour operators and their trips to make sure they are really suitable for this group as well as people travelling with friends or partners.

None of the operators we work with believe in charging solo travellers a premium on group trips. Providing you’re willing to share a room with a fellow traveller of the same sex, you will pay the same as a couple for the trip. In some instances you may even end up with your own room, although this would be a bit of good traveller luck.

On the small group adventure trips our tour operators are committed to:

  • No compulsory single supplements
  • Travel with like-minded people
  • Security of travelling with an organised group of like-minded adventurous spirits
  • Single accommodation for a supplement if requested

Want to incorporate a small group adventure into your next solo adventure? How about overlanding through Africa? Sailing across an ocean? Or even running a marathon?

Get in touch if you have any questions at all about solo travel. Both founders of Another World Adventures, Larissa Clark and Tori Howse have travelled solo in many places around the world and understand the reality and needs of a solo journey.