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The best adventures for solo travellers

The best adventures for solo travellers

According to the Independent 35 per cent of British travellers are choosing to travel solo, either independently or by joining a small group. Below we explore some of the reason’s travellers are choosing to travel solo and list our favourite adventures for solo travellers.

Benefits of solo travel

Traveling on your own brings you many benefits. First of all, you are completely free. Making a trip with friends is great but compromise is a must. With solo travel you won’t need to follow any to do list or visit places you don’t want to. You are master of your time. Just go for anything you want to!

You will finally have the chance to be selfish without feeling guilty. You will be able to take your time and do all the things you never had the time to do in the past. During your trip you can take a cooking class or learn a new language. Just follow your passions and make your trip an unforgettable experience!

Solo travel doesn’t have to mean travelling alone

First of all, it’s not true that solo travels are single or alone. Lots of travellers enjoy taking some time for themselves as a change from travelling with partners, friends or family. Modern technology means its easy to stay connected while you’re away (if you wish) and solo travel gives increases your likelihood of  meet new people, both locals and other travellers.

As a solo traveller you might decide to join a small group, for either all or part of your journey. There are a huge variety of small group adventures perfect for solo travellers who decide to join a group for the social aspect, to save money or to undertake an activity thats not easily done alone.  With expert local guides, you will have the chance to stay away from tourist routes and explore the places you visit like a local while splitting the cost with others.

Here are our 6 favourite adventure trips that are perfect for solo travellers. None of these quite right for you? contact us directly and let us match you with your perfect trip…

Morocco Surf and Yoga trip

Morocco surf and yoga trip TOP038_4

9 days exploring colourful and vibrant Morocco on this small group trip thats perfect for solo travellers. Discover ancient treasures in Marrakech, hike in the beautiful Atlas Mountains, camp out under star-filled skies, take a camel ride through the desert and relax with a traditional hammam spa experience. This fantastic get-away finishes with an invigorating 3 night yoga and surf retreat on the spectacular coastline of Taghazout.


Iceland Backcountry Skiing

Iceland backcountry skiing and sail expedition

A 6 day Iceland backcountry skiing and sail expedition to the stunning Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in the West Fjords of Iceland- only a few miles from the Arctic Circle. With a fantastic variety of mountains and ridges to ski, stunning scenery and a comfortable sailboat to act as your ‘movable base’ taking you to remote spots otherwise out of reach.


Argentina Gaucho Experience

Argentina Gaucho Experience TOP006_12

Immerse yourself in a new culture on this hands-on Argentina gaucho experience. Learn to ride or improve your riding skills and learn, unplug from your busy life on a 100,000-acre estancia, three hours on horseback to the nearest road, and learn what it really means to live life as a ‘gaucho’.


Canadian Overlanding Adventure

Canada Gold Rush Trail Overland TOP05_3

Canada Overlanding – take a yellow school bus, remodel it into an overland vehicle and bring together a small group of adventure travellers to explore the wilderness of Canada’s infamous gold rush trail on the ultimate camping road trip.


Ocean Crossing Spain to the Azores

Ocean Sailing Azores to Gibraltar TOP029_3

This fantastic 15-day ocean crossing adventure on a world class racing yacht is a chance to explore the gorgeous islands of Madeira, Cies and the Azores get some serious ocean sailing under your belt. The trip combines two ocean passages, the first sailing from Vigo, Spain to the beautiful island of Madeira and then on to the volcanic archipelago of the Azores.


Borneo Bike Hike and Kayak

Borneo – Hike, Bike, and Kayak Adventure TOP008_11

Borneo is known for beautiful beaches, towering mountains, and steamy rainforests.  The Sabah region is a natural paradise and the country’s tropical playground.  This active Borneo hike, bike and kayak adventure will take you cycling through small villages, searching for wildlife in the jungle, ascending the summit of Mt. Kinabalu, and kayaking through the crystal clear waters of Tunku Abdul Marine Park.