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MyPowerMate – A Revolutionary New Travel Adaptor

Find out how necessity was the mother of a new invention to make your travels even easier

Trekking Adventures:  Essential Things to Pack

Check out our top recommendations for packing the essentials on your hiking & trekking adventures

Sun Awareness Week

In advance of Sun Awareness Week BAD has released a new study which reveals that eight out of ten Brits don’t apply sunscreen before going outside. What’s more, 70% of those that do apply sunscreen don’t follow the recommendation to reapply it every two hours.

7 Actually Useful Travel Apps

Six apps that are actually really useful for your travels from staying safe to sharing memories via real postcards they are travel apps to download

Packing List for the Trans Siberian Railway

Long journeys are always hard to pack for and train journeys can be particularly difficult as you’re not sure what might be available on the train or when you stop. Here is Sally’s packing list for the Trans Siberian railway.

Essential Packing List for Newbie Sailors

Adventure travel is taken to a new level when you choose to set sail. Whether you’re planning to join an expedition sail boat, join the crew of a tall ship or go exploring on a sailing catamaran, you’ll need to pack appropriately to enjoy the trip properly.

Travel Tips Japan

It’s always useful to get some tips on polite dos and don’ts before you travel anywhere new.  Thankfully our friends at the Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau are all over it for us. Their new infographic will have you towing the line from not cycling under the influence to remembering to queue in an orderly […]