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Travel Tips Japan

Travel Tips Japan

travel japanIt’s always useful to get some tips on polite dos and don’ts before you travel anywhere new. 

Thankfully our friends at the Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau are all over it for us. Their new infographic will have you towing the line from not cycling under the influence to remembering to queue in an orderly fashion. Remember these travel tips Japan and everyone will enjoy your stay just as much as you!

Travellers flock to visit Kyoto in their thousands each year in search of a true taste of Japan’s historic past and local traditions. But many slip up with the complex cultural differences in a simple case of “lost in translation”. If you want to avoid making a cultural boo-boo this infographic outline the ‘akimahen’, or the ‘do’s and don’ts’ for a visit to the beautiful city.

The graphic covers 18 of the major customs in Japan’s former capital with a very nifty three-stage emoji guide that rates how offensive certain behaviour can be on a scale of 1 to 10. Gulp.

To avoid becoming the red-faced visitor in the infographic and as a shout out to all our cycle-mad adventure seekers, the worst cultural offence apparently is cycling through Kyoto under the influence of alcohol.

Importantly, regulations have recently been tightened in the city, which means anyone caught cycling under the influence could face fines of up to one million Yen (equivalent to £5,200) or five years in prison.

Safe your pennies and reward good service by saying ‘Okini’ which means ‘thank you’. And always remove your shoes before stepping foot on traditional tatami mats.

Finally, if you don’t want to come home covered in bruises and your budget stretches beyond the city buses then beware of automatic taxi doors which can give you a bash if you don’t give them enough space.

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