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Unusual Travel Ideas for Sabbaticals or Career Breaks

Looking for a unusual ideas for your career break? Travel ideas for your sabbatical? Whatever you choose to call an agreed, extended period of time away from your job, the fact that over 4 million people in UK take a career break each year means you’re not alone. We’ve got some great ideas on how to convince your boss and what you might do with your precious time off…

Sabbatical Ideas Career Breaks

Sabbatical benefits for employers and employees

For employers a career break can help create a sense of company loyalty, offer an alternative to layoffs, and in many cases staff return motivated, refreshed, with new skills they are eager to share with the team. For you, the benefits are limitless. Not only can time spent travelling help to speak creativity or provide a much needed break for mind and body, time out can help reshape your career direction, open your mind to different opportunities along the same or new path, allow you to explore your passions, broaden your perspective , push you outside your comfort zone, and possibly awaken you to your true calling.

Unusual ideas for career breaks

Yes you could spend your career break volunteering or lock yourself away writing a book. But there are many many other adventures you could choose to make your sabbatical or career break a truly inspiring and enriching experience.

Career break ideas – go on a journey

Journeys provide a chance not only to learn about the world around us but to also learn about ourselves. Whilst modern air travel provides the means to arrive in a destination within a matter of hours, there is something so satisfying in taking on a long journey – whether by foot, train or even horse – and discovering along the way unexpected things you would never have even thought to seek out. What about riding across the Andes on the ultimate horse riding holiday in Patagonia, or joining the Siberian Nenets reindeer herders on their annual nomadic Arctic expedition.

Career break ideas – learn a new skill

We often feel there isn’t time in our busy adult lives to learn a completely new skill. Certainly not one that isn’t related to our job or day to day role. A career break can be a wonderful opportunity to life out those dreams of our childhood or promises we made ourselves long ago. What about learning to sail on an ex-round-the-world racing yacht, or hitting the beach in El Salvador to learn to surf?

Career break ideas – challenge yourself on an expedition

A extended period of time off can offer the chance to really push yourself out of your comfort zone and for some joining an expedition-style is the perfect physical and mental challenge. Find out what you’re capable of and make long lasting friendships with your team mates on tough physical challenge in a far flung part of the world. You could join a Sahara trekking expedition in Chad or take on a 5,400m mountain in the eastern Himalayas on this Bhutan expedition.

Career break ideas – go to sea

Have your always dreamt of leaving the shore behind and heading out into the open ocean? No sailing experience? No problem. Learn the ropes on a classic tall ship, racing or expedition yacht. Experience sailing, navigation, voyage planning and life on board with your fellow crew who will be a mix of ages and from all walks of life. There’s no upper age limit on these voyages, all you need is good health and an enthusiasm to get involved. Could you leave your mobile at home on a true digital detox as you sail across the Atlantic?

Below are some more truly epic sabbatical travel ideas whether you’ve got 3 weeks or a 3 months.

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