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5 Reasons to Take a Motorbike Adventure

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A motorbike adventure is a great way to explore a new country – or even return to a favourite place to see it with new eyes. By motorbike you can travel further than you would in the same time cycling but with the sun and wind on your face, close to the ground it far more romantic than a bus or car travel.

Read on for our 5 reasons to take a motorbike adventure and ride through some of the most exotic and gorgeous places on the planet.

1. Have great stories to tell

Spending time with a small group of people, motorbiking through mountains, valleys and cities will leave you with so many unusual stories and memories. You’ll find people asking, “Tell ‘em about that time when you…..”

2. Your friends can come too

There’s a great community surrounding motor biking and for those that love it, they tend to have friends that love it too. Book a motorbike adventure for your group of friends to make memories and share the many unique and fun moments with them. Plus, the new people you meet on the tour are almost guaranteed to become new biking friends. Don’t forget there may be space on your bike for a non-riding friend so you can show them why you love it so much!

3. Check out the in-between spots

Going to the tallest, oldest, deepest, widest, most revered places is great, but what about all the places in between those places? When you’re travelling by car or public transportation, you don’t have as many options for stopping or spending time in all the other beautiful places. Each adventure motorbike tour is a new adventure and the possibilities for what you can see and experience are almost endless. You’ll have the chance to see the places that others don’t get to and find a few hidden treasures along the way.

4. Improve your riding skills

If you’re used to driving around the city, you might feel comfortable on a bike, but there’s a lot of different terrain out there for you to experience. Think endless switchbacks, sand or gravel roads, water crossings, and more. Your patience will be tested, as will your problem solving skills. You’ll quickly learn what works and what doesn’t work and your riding skills will improve each day of your tour.

5. You like a challenge, right?

Travelling, no matter which way, is often a challenge that opens our minds to new people, places, and ways of life. Add a motorbike on top of that, and the challenge becomes not only mental, but physical as well. A motorbike adventure is not easy – not everyone can do it. But for those that love to try new things and push themselves, travelling the world on two wheels is a challenge that you’ll never regret.

Dreaming of a motorbike experience in Nepal, India or South Africa? Speak to us at Another World Adventures for some epic routes and dates!

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