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The experience of a lifetime on a transatlantic crossing (part one)

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In 2011, the Another World Adventure founders met on a transatlantic journey on board a historic Dutch tall ship. Below is part one of our series sharing blog posts written by co-founder Larissa before, during and after her journey. These pre-date AWA and give an honest flavour of what the experience of sailing across an ocean is like. If you’d like to join a transatlantic journey, we are opening bookings for our next voyages here.

“It took 27 days, some of which, against all the odds, were the best of my life. My journey was physical and mental, across the waves.

I’m writing this from the deck house bar in the port of Salvador on the eve of Voyage Part Deux, a two thousand mile trip from Brazil to Uruguay that I’m about to make…

Eve of Day 1: Boarding in Las Palmas

As I approached the boat with my bag, to board the night ahead of take-off, the anxiety felt all consuming. The emotions were so strong and I was terrified. I took heed to advice recently given at great cost on Harley Street and took a few moments to stand by the port and cry. It felt good not to squash the tears away. I guess it’s okay to feel emotional. It’s a big adventure. 

Please oh please don’t let me spend 4 weeks puking. I can smell diesel, puke. I wish the massive ferries would stop passing by; they make the rocking much worse. 

How will I remember all these new names? I am one sleep away from sailing across the ocean… what the **** am I doing? I don’t even know how to sail.

Why am I here?

Is it courage or fear?

A challenge unknown

By the end I’ll have grown

I’ll take on old Neptune

the doldrums

the trades

And I’ll thank every moment

That we are kept safe.


Day 6: 14th October, 2011 – 700 miles

While stuffing my face with a mouth full of sweet apple pie yesterday evening I spotted the ship’s answer to Irish dancing star Keira Sexton sat poised looking thoughtfully into the distance and tapping her toe to her Apple i-pod, probably reflecting on life, possibly wondering, like me, how on earth it is possible for fish to fly.

It made me think that it would be nice to share a couple of words from Apple founder Steve Jobs, an innovator, technology adventurer and creator of at least one great gadget stowed away in every cabin onboard. He died earlier this week.

In a speech to the graduates of Stanford University, Steve Jobs advised them to “live each day as if it were your last, as someday you’ll most certainly be right. Every day I look in the mirror and ask myself, if today were my last day on earth, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”.

And at 3.45am as the lamp by my bed switched on for the 4am watch, were it not to have woken Lindsay and the other two thirds of our motley training crew, I would have shouted at the top of my lungs “YES! This is what I would want to do” because another glorious day onboard this beautiful tall ship was waiting for me on the deck.

YES! To more sizzling sunshine and deep blue sea.

YES! To outrageously delicious food – steak and wine, biscuits, tea and cakes. Pina Coladas.

YES! To exciting discussions and planning adventures in South America

YES! To dolphins, whales and Penelope the pigeon, our voyage stowaway

YES! To thinking up new excuses for why I am so bad at the helm

YES! To thinking up more excuses for why I’ve spent the past few days thinking the flying fish were birds

YES! To beating the fear of heights and conquering the ‘yellow monster’ platform

YES! To handstands during gymnastic classes on the main deck while the boat rocks and rolls

YES! To the waves lapping the porthole of the en-suite showers that are better than home

YES! To absorbing as much information as possible from the fantastically talented, dedicated and charming crew of professional sailors (and mischief makers!)

YES! To new friends, birthdays and Canadian ‘Thanksgiving” all in our first week

YES! To the experience of a lifetime

Yes to all of this and more.

Many, many, more happy sailing days.

To be continued…

Larissa completed her journey across the Atlantic on a tall ship in 2011 after 27 days at sea. On board, one of the strangers she met who became a great friend was Tori Howse. During one particular conversation, they mused about how they could help other people have the same amazing experience as they were having – and how they could tie it to local providers and experiences. A year later, back on dry land, Another World Adventures was born. 

You can find out more about our transatlantic voyages and other ocean sailing opportunities here. We also organise bespoke, private crossings, email us on for more information.

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