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Our Terms and Conditions for Tour Operators

The appearance of your company’s products on and our associated sites and social media constitutes your agreement to the following terms and conditions as tour operator represented by Another World Adventures Ltd.

Your Key Responsibilities:

Our business and our ability to continue delivering high quality referral customers to you relies on several key responsibilities that we ask you to adhere to:

  • Ensuring accuracy of the information shown on your trip pages of website(s).
  • Responding swiftly to enquiries made to you from Another World Adventures and our customers, at the very latest within two working days.
  • Not adding additional cost to holidays for customers referred through Another World Adventures or any associated sites.
  • Declare to Another World Adventures all bookings made by our customers promptly.
  • Paying invoices promptly.

Our aim is to bring our tour operators partners good quality customer referrals with a high booking conversion rate. We aim to maintain regular dialogue with our tour operators and resolve any issues quickly. Tour operators found not fulfilling their obligations, may have their trip pages removed from our website until issue are resolved.

1. Declaring Bookings

1.1. Your company agrees to declare in full, (via our tour operator Dashboard) details of all bookings made by persons who have enquired about your adventures through Another World Adventures Ltd and any websites owned and operated by Another World Adventures Ltd. Specific details relating to the commission payment terms will be agreed with each tour operator

1.2 For commission paying operators commission is due:

1.2.1 On all bookings arising because of leads generated, where Another World Adventures Ltd (or associated sites) was the first point of contact. We are happy to discuss any individual exceptional cases on request.

1.2.2 In cases where that person is on your database, if that person is making a new enquiry through Another World Adventures Ltd (or associated sites).

1.2.3 When a person who books via Another World Adventures Ltd goes onto to make a repeat booking directly with you within 12 months of the end of their initial trip. After this period, they are considered your client unless they make any more trip enquiries via Another World Adventures Ltd.

1.3 You agree to declare the total value, the date of departure, the number and names of guests in the party and the trip duration to Another World Adventures Ltd.

1.4 These details should preferably be declared at the time a booking is made or at least by the last working day of every month.

1.5 You agree that failure to declare bookings as above on a persistent basis will result in your product(s) being removed from the site(s).

1.6 Please note that we contact site visitors who make an enquiry as a routine check on booking status.

2. Ensuring the information on your trip product pages is accurate

2.1 It is the responsibility of all operators to add their own trip product pages and to ensure these are key up to date. Log in details are provided to all tour operator partners enabling you to update your trip pages quickly and easily

2.2 Another World Adventures reserves the right to decide which trips will be and will not be included and promoted on website and associated sites.

2.3 Further instructions about adding trips to the site and using the tour operator Dashboard can be found here.

3. Responding to Enquiries

3.1 A fair number of enquiries are quite time sensitive. People enquiring through the internet have expectations of receiving a speedy response. We strongly recommend at least a same day response to any enquiries we send to you. We do ask that all tour operators respond within a maximum time of two working days

3.2 We are committed to working with you to achieve a high level of service. In the event of any complaints of the responses provided we will try to find a solution with you. However, if response time and quality continue to fall below the above timing and acceptable quality we reserve the right to remove your trip pages from the site.

4. Quality

4.1 We are representing sales of your trips because your business has been recognised by Another World Adventures Ltd to be an expert adventure tour operator. We encourage feedback from all those who book a trip having found it/your company through Another World Adventures, to ensure that those high standards and expectations are maintained

4.2 In the event of a complaint made to us, we commit to discussing the issues raised fully with the operator concerned to determine whether the complaint was justified.

4.3 Tour operators agree that if product quality is not maintained, then we reserve the right to remove your trip pages from the site.

5. Liability

5.1 Tour Operators accept all responsibility and liability for their trips and for their customers and agree that Another World Adventures has no liability.

5.2 Another World Adventures accepts no liability for any activity or behaviour of any persons who have made an enquiry through the site or for any behaviour or activity of persons booking with tour operators.

5.3 Another World Adventures accepts no liability for any of the information supplied to us by tour operators for publishing on the site(s).

6. Invoicing and Payment

6.1 Commission terms will be agreed with individual operators. Commission payments will be calculated by Another World Adventures Ltd and invoices will be raised in pounds sterling and sent by electronically.

6.2 All invoices will be raised in pounds sterling and will have UK VAT added where applicable.

6.3 All invoices are payable in pounds sterling.

6.4 All invoices are payable within 14 days of receipt unless otherwise agreed.

6.5 Please arrange the best method of payment to ensure that these payment terms are achieved.

6.6 When paying by bank transfer, tour operators agree to cover the cost of their own bank charges where applicable.

6.7 Tour operators agree that failure to pay invoices within this time period, may result in their product being removed from the site.

6.8 We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue invoices. Any interest charged will be at the statutory rate.

7. Images and Videos

7.1 Tour operators are asked to provide photographic images for use in promoting their product. It is the tour operator’s responsibility to ensure that the images they provide are an accurate representation of their product and that they have permission for the images to be reproduced on (and associated sites). Any claims made against Another World Adventures Ltd for unauthorized use of photographs provided to us will be the responsibility of the tour operator.

7.2 Another World Adventures may wish to use these photographic images for other uses in marketing your product other than just on the website. Tour operators agree that all images provided can be used in other forms of marketing on Another World Adventures website, but outside Another World Adventures website only when expressly connected to the tour operator’s product, without prior approval.

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