Responsible Tourism

As passionate travellers we all want to protect and support the environments, wildlife, cultures and economies that we value and visit.

Through responsible tourism we can work to minimise the negative impacts of travel and increase the benefits for people and environment.

As a travel business we have a responsibility to encourage and promote responsible tourism and we do this by minimising our own impact (and maximising our positive impact) and choosing to work with partners that share our commitment to responsible tourism. We don’t ask partners to adhere to specific responsible tourism standards or associations but to work on an individual basis to identify and minimise negative environmental or social impact of their trips and maximise the positive ones. Our ultimate aim is to have a positive impact on the places that we are all so privileged to be able to visit.

The climate crisis and low carbon travel

Our founders have a background in environmental justice and climate change projects and are acutely aware of the challenge that the climate crisis poses for the travel industry.

Whilst the best way to protect the environment is to fly less, we believe the answer is not to stop travelling but to travel differently. We encourage adventure seekers to think about how they can reduce the impact of their air travel, whether that be in choosing to take longer but fewer holidays, taking holidays closer to home or considering alternatives to flying for example train travel or travelling by boat.

When taking an international flight there is a temptation to pack in as much as possible seeing loads of different places. But sometimes spending longer in one pace, getting to know an area can be more rewarding as well as having a smaller environmental impact. We feature a range of slow and low carbon trips that have a focus on the journey rather than the destination.

Our own impact

As a small business, we work to reduce our own environmental footprint here in the UK and when we travel abroad. We work from co-working spaces which allow us to share resources and we are careful to minimise our energy and water use in the office and when we are travelling.

Travelling abroad to meet our tour operator partners is an important part of our work to ensure we feature the best adventure travel experiences, but we limit our flights and take overland options where time and cost allow. When we are in the UK we prioritise travel by public transport or by trusty bike!

While we understand that carbon offsetting is not the magic silver bullet to the climate crisis we choose to offset our emissions with the Gold Standard Foundation, an organisation that validates projects on environmental effectiveness and social impact.  This helps to reduce emissions globally and create sustainable development benefits for communities around the world and we believe its an important piece of the complex puzzle that is being a responsible business.

Responsible tourism is complex and each traveller has to make their own judgement. We appreciate any feedback from customers on our trips and policies and ways in which we could improve them. You can email us [email protected].

Another World Adventures – Adventure365 Blog – Photo by Egzon Bytyqi on Unsplash