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Our Story

It all began on an ocean adventure to sail across the Atlantic

The idea for Another World Adventures was created when Tori Howse and Larissa Clark met on board a 100 year old tall ship during a transatlantic sailing voyage from Europe to Brazil in 2011.

It was the voyage of a lifetime yet half the bunks on board were empty. Once on dry land everyone they spoke to about the trip replied “I had no idea I could do something like that”. Perplexed that so many people had missed out on such an incredible opportunity Larissa and Tori set about creating a place where adventure seekers could easily find inspiring and extraordinary travel experiences to join.

Another World Adventures is neither a travel agency nor a tour operator – it is the place to find a collection of unforgettable travel experiences that you won’t find anywhere else, and that you can book directly with the people who run them.

Tori Howse

Tori spent much of her career working on climate change projects. From this lifelong interest in the environment came her love of travel. She believes travelling with local expert operators and guides offers the best kind of travel experience.

Big landscapes, like sailing through the wilderness of British Colombia or horse-backing through Mongolia and Kazakhstan, are the stuff her travel dreams are made of.

As someone whose life changed direction while on a Transatlantic sailing adventure, Tori knows first-hand the impact these journeys can have.

Larissa Clark

Larissa comes from a family that loves to explore. She’s lived and worked on projects in Thailand, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, India, Canada, U.S. and Spain while travelling to six continents so far. She believes that it’s the journey, not just the destination that makes travel so meaningful to personal growth.

“I love helping people achieve extraordinary things and visiting unique and unusual places. My grandfather always said, ‘Travel is the best form of education,’ and I know he’s right.”

Larissa loves working with operators that are as passionate as she is about the environmental, personal and social impact of travel. She dreams of a voyage to Antarctica and to sail around the Pacific Rim.


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