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You can go almost anywhere on two wheels. Choose the meditative rhythm of road cycling or cycle touring, or the dance of jumps and drops as you weave along flowing single-track on a mountain bike. On our best cycle adventure and mountain biking adventure holidays you’ll get sweaty, possibly muddy too. Sometimes it will feel like it’s just you and your bike, but there will always be friends nearby. Whether you are inspired by the Tour de France or the Tour d’Afrique, feel the wind through your hair as your fly at ground level. Let go and enjoy the downhills.

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Dates TBA
15 days £1,899.00

Cycling in Cuba

Cycle through Western and Central Cuba to discover its culture, natural beauty and Revolutionary history

Dates TBA
15 days £2,870.00

Bike and Hike Madagascar

A destination for the true explorer, the nature lover, and the traveller who feels like they’ve seen it all.

Dates TBA
10 days £1,960.00

Biking Bulgaria

Bulgaria's idyllic terrain, impressive historical wonders and heartwarming culture is ready to be discovered.

Dates TBA
11 days £2,370.00

Untamed Borneo by Bike

Dense jungles, wild animals and exotic flora will be your introduction to Borneo on this cycling adventure.

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