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Your body was made for walking and the beauty of being on foot is the flexibility – you really can get off-road and observe the world with every step. Make footprints in any terrain you choose with our unusual hiking and trekking adventure holidays. Find your path up mountains and into the clouds, over sand dunes that move with your every step, through jungle rivers that are bursting with life, over densely packed blue glaciers, and across spaces so great they will leave you in awe. A good pair of shoes is all you need – get ready to wear them in.

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Responsible Tourism

We believe in ‘creating better places for people to live in, and better places to visit’ through a responsible approach to travel. Read how you can travel responsibly on your adventure.

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Our Story

Our journey began on an ocean adventure sailing across the Atlantic ... find our more and get inspired for your next great trip.

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Earn Rewards

We'll donate to a nature project in your name in thanks for using Another World Adventures to find and book a trip.

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