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Adventures in Haiti

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10th February 2016: #Adventure365 – Today marks the 25th Anniversary of Jean-Bertrand Aristide being sworn in as the President of Haiti. It’s also the month that the United Nations celebrates worldwide ‘President Day’ and a really good time of year to visit this fascinating island so we’ve decided to look at adventures in Haiti for #Adventure365 today.

Haiti has a powerful history. The country was the first independent black republic and despite the negative publicity it has received, it’s a distinct and beautiful place. It has a strong legacy of art, voodoo and music and when you add the largely undeveloped Caribbean coastline, picturesque waterfalls, gorgeous mountains into the mix you’ve got an adventure primed to defy expectations.

There are two trips we think are really worth considering for adventures in Haiti


Exotic and entrancing, unexplored and adventurous, mysterious and mystical Haiti is an exhilarating destination ideal for curious intrepid travellers. This small group trip starts in the northern town of Cap-Haitien, former capital and symbolic centre of the historic Haitian slave revolution before visiting the magnifcent UNESCO sites of Citadelle Laferrière and Sans-Souci Palace; meet the local community of Milot and attend an authentic Vodou ceremony.

During a road trip to the capital Port-au-Prince you’ll learn how to make the traditional flat bread Cassava, a food of the native Taino people before checking the city out. You’ll get a good night sleep at the famous Hotel Oloffson, a quirky 19th-century gingerbread mansion set in a lush tropical garden. Past guests include Jacqueline Kennedy, Mick Jagger and Marlon Brando and, like them you’ll be entertained with live music performances including the popular Haitian band RAM who mix Haitian folk songs, mixed with modern electronic instruments and Vodou beats.

You’ll leave the chaotic capital behind and head to the beautiful mountains of Kenscoff; visit Wynne’s Farm Ecological Reserve; gentle walking and birdwatching on nature trails and visit the picturesque city of Jacmel. Have a chance to swim in the cool turquoise waters of Bassin Bleu and spend a relaxing afternoon in one of Jacmel’s beaches.

Find out more about this amazing trip here.


This unique tour offers the opportunity to discover the charms of Haiti from La Citadelle, Bassin to La Visite National Park.

You’ll begin in Port­au­Prince, Haiti’s frenzied capital. You’ll visit the atmospheric Oloffson Hotel to see a concert given by a voodoo priest, have a chance to see street artists and metalworkers, and stop by the Boutilliers Observatory to take in the panoramic view. From there you’ll take a 4WD,locally known as a ‘rhino,’ into the wild heart of La Visite National Park. Explore this national treasure on foot for a while before heading to Jacmel, famous for architecture, art and the nearby waterfall of Bassin Bleu.

Up next you’ll board a privately chartered boat to look for dolphins and sperm whales and in in Moulin sur Mer have the chance to swim and snorkel in Caribbean waters. You move on to spend some time exploring the countries central plateau on foot. This rarely visited and unexplored area impresses with its scenery, waterfalls, and welcoming local people. The end of the tour also brings two major highlights: Sans Souci Palace and Citadelle la Ferriere. With 40m walls, La Citadelle is the largest fort in the Caribbean.

Find out more about this trip to the ‘alternative Caribbean’ here.

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