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In October 2011 newly married couple Karina and Rudd set off on an action packed 7-month long honeymoon through South America. Here they share with us a bit about their choice of adrenaline-junky style trip and how instead of booking the cheapest flight across the Atlantic they boarded a 100 year old tall ship and made their journey across the Atlantic part of the adventure…

Your honeymoon was quite unusual – tell us a bit about it
Actually the idea to go on travels was first and spontaneously Ruud just thought it would be great to get married when we had been 10 years together and this was coincidently in the same year. So a few weeks after the big party we left for a big trip, which you basically can see as a huge honeymoon!

Whose idea was it to cross the Atlantic on a Tall Ship?!
Karina spotted this particular sailing trip (from the Canary Islands to Brazil) on the internet that departed in October which was around the time we wanted to start our travels. As we are keen on sailing in The Netherlands, we thought this would be the perfect way to travel by sail to South America instead of just going by plane.

What inspired you to choose this kind of experience?
Previous shorter travels inspired us to see more of the world in combination with the prospect of the intense experience to travel together 24/7 for several months.

Did you have any fears?
No, we didn’t have any fears beforehand or during our trip, even about sailing across the ocean!

Had you done a lot of travelling before together?
Yes, we did some travels together before, but not longer than 3-4 weeks ☺

What was the most memorable moment of your adventure?
So many good memories, such as; – Swimming at 4 km depth near the equator in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, being at 5,000m altitude in Bolivia (it feels like you are on top of the world), rockclimbing in Huaraz, Peru, climbing volcanoes in Chile, getting used to doing nothing for hours on a bus ride, the numerous avocado’s we consumed along the way and much much more!

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