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Amazing Flower Festivals in the World

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6th February 2016 – Discover amazing flower festivals in the world to incorporate into your adventures – with a special look today at Brazil Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens – perfect timing for this weekend’s Rio Carnival 2016 celebrations!

The Brazil Orchid Festival in Kew Gardens is part of an series of carefully designed displays that take over the famous conservatory. Visitors who can’t make it to Rio this weekend for the world’s biggest carnival event can get into the spirit of things by exploring the science of these fragile and mysterious plants, in particular the Brazilian hybrids.

Flowers are such an important part of travel – they colour a landscape and scent the air leaving memories to treasure and jogging you back to a time and a place with just a sniff in the future and flower festivals are the perfect time to see them in all their glory.

Here are two amazing flower festivals in the world which you might like to visit one day!

Festival of the Flowers

Where: Medellin, Colombia
When: July – August

With almost 70% of the flowers purchased in the USA coming from Colombia it’s no surprise they know how to put on a stunning festival. The Festival of the Flowers also incorporates live music, a pageant and the renowned Paso Fino Horse Parade to ensure you’ll have a bloomin’ good time (sorry, we couldn’t resist). Colombia is a remarkable destination to visit and here’s another reason why. Check out adventures in Colombia here.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Where: Chiang Mai, Thailand
When: The First Weekend in February

The Damask Rose is the star of the show at this annual festival. It’s a beautiful variety of rose only found in Chiang Mai – perfect for Valentine’s celebrations! Lucky festival goers might receive a rose from performers taking part in the street parades during the festivities on board elaborately decorated floats. Want to explore Thailand and it’s friendly neighbours – find Asia adventures here.

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