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The Best Arctic Adventures

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We love the Arctic so we’ve rounded up what we consider to be some of the best Arctic adventures you can join.

It’s probably one of the world’s most challenging environments. There’s a reason very few people choose to live there! It’s a place only for true adventurous spirits. We would like to dedicate this blog to some of the best Arctic adventures.

But get prepared: your friends will never believed you’ve done any of this!

Seeing the Northern Lights Arctic adventure

This of course had to come first. The Northern Lights. Probably the first thing that come across your mind when you think about the arctic. The show is just amazing, no need to convince you about that. And what’s even better is that there are a number of countries where you can see the Northern Lights. Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland.

And did you know that you can see the Lights also in the Southern hemisphere? They are rightfully called the Southern Lights, and you can see them in Antarctica, Chile, New Zeeland, and Australia!

We feature a few trips where you can see the Northern Lights. Northern Lights in Finland (4 days), Iceland Winter Adventure (4 days), and Sail Greenland (8 days). We also have other trips in those countries, but depending on the time of the year it can be more difficult to see them.

Challenge yourself with Arctic sports

The white Arctic is the perfect field to challenge your physical skills, practise sports you couldn’t do at home, and have a lot of fun!

Kayaking and rafting in the Arctic

Kayaking in the wild arctic waters is an experience only for true adventure seekers! And it’s a unique chance to reach places not accessible otherwise.

We feature various adventure travels that include kayaking and rafting. Wilderness kayaking Iceland (6 days), Glacier Fjords kayaking (4 days), Kayak East Greenland (10 days), sea kayak island hopping (6 days), and white water rafting experience (3 days).

Sailing in the Arctic

Sailing in the arctic is a unique experience. Whether it’s a hands on trip or you’re using a sailboat as your mobile base you’ll be rewarded with some amazing sightseeing. Sailing is one of our favourite activities and we have quite a few sailing adventures in the Arctic.

Sail Greenland (8 days), Tromsø to Spitsbergen sailing adventure (21 days), Antarctica sailing (22-52 days), and Bodø to Tromsø sailing the lofotens (12 days), Journey to Greenland (21 days).

Ready to lose yourself in the Arctic? Check out more Arctic adventures here.

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