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Ascension Island where the sea meets the sky

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Ascension Island is a tiny volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 1,000 miles from the coast of Africa and 1,400 miles from the coast of Brazil.

With a rugged terrain, its landscape is dominated by volcanic cones and lava flows, and its coast is lined with black sand beaches. The island’s isolation has created a unique ecosystem with endemic plants and wildlife. Ascension Island offers a range of outdoor activities, from hiking to diving, and is particularly known for its world-renowned green sea turtle population. Visitors can also experience the island’s rich history, including its role as a strategic military outpost during World War II.

Green sea turtles are known for their remarkable navigation skills and are one of the few species of turtles that migrate long distances. Ascension Island is one of the key nesting sites for green sea turtles, where they return every year to lay their eggs. The island provides ideal conditions for the turtles, with warm temperatures, soft sand beaches, and clear waters, which are perfect for the turtles to lay their eggs and hatch their young.

The waters around Ascension Island are also rich in marine life, providing a bountiful supply of food for the turtles. They feed on a variety of marine vegetation, including algae, seagrass, and crustaceans, which are abundant in the area. This rich food source allows the turtles to grow quickly, making them some of the largest green sea turtles in the world.

In addition to the ideal nesting and feeding conditions, the waters around Ascension Island are also relatively free from human disturbance, making it an ideal location for the turtles to lay their eggs without any interference. As a result, the turtle population on the island has thrived over the years, with thousands of turtles returning every year to nest and hatch their young.

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A POEM about Ascension Island!

On Ascension Island, where the sea meets the sky,
The wind and waves sing a lullaby,
A place of beauty, so wild and free,
A paradise on Earth, for all to see.

The towering mountains, with peaks so high,
Reach up to touch the bright blue sky,
A rugged landscape, where life takes flight,
Nature’s masterpiece, such a wondrous sight.

Beneath the waves, a world of wonder,
Marine life and fish, that never slumber,
Dolphins and turtles, swim with grace,
A kaleidoscope of color, in this watery space.

The air is thick, with the scent of green,
As the island’s lush forests, make a serene scene,
Birds and beasts, call this place home,
And roam the land, free to roam.

From the Devil’s Ashpit, to the Green Mountain top,
Ascension Island, will never stop,
To amaze and delight, with every turn,
A place of beauty, that will always burn.

And when the night falls, and the stars appear,
The island’s magic, will become so clear,
A sky full of stars, shining bright,
A peaceful retreat, in the heart of the night.

So let us come, and pay our dues,
To this island of wonder, and oceanic hues,
Ascension Island, where the sea meets the sky,
A place of beauty, that will never die.


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