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Atlantic Crossing – Canada to France 2017 Tall Ship Sailing

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Halifax-Le Havre, Transatlantic Race

The Rendez-vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta ends with a Transatlantic race to Europe. The French town Le Havre is the finish port.

An Atlantic Crossing sailing on board an historic sailing ship is always special, but crossing the Atlantic in a race with other Tall Ships is unique. Participating in the race guarantees a big effort from all persons on board to get the most out of the ship, but it’s also a guarantee that we will be under sail for the whole voyage.

The watches will be divided and the tasks will be discussed and appointed. Sailing at sea, especially during a race, is never boring. You’ll be continuously busy with trimming the sails, manoeuvring, steering and navigating. Of course the crew have to keep a close eye on your other competitors. What are they doing? Do you need to get further south? Is the current stronger there? Or will we go north for better wind? The ones with the best tactics could win.

When you set off you’ll be in the company of lots of other tall ships all under sailing. Remember, no engines will assist the crossing to Europe. It’s you and the wind in your sails. But after a few days you’ll lose sight of the others as your forge your route across the ocean. Twice a day you’ll be updated by the ships radio about the positions of all the contestants.

You’ll gather all this information, and work hard as a team to do everything you can to win! In the end, when you’re arrival in Le Havre will emphasise one of our favourite travel philosophies – that i’s not so much about the destination as it is about the journey. Whether you finish first or last, no one will take this experience of crossing the Atlantic Ocean from you.

A true experience of a lifetime.

Disembarkation: Friday 1 September 2017, 9AM, Le Havre
Price two person cabin: € 3910 / US$ 4220 p.p.
Price four person cabin: € 3230 / US$ 3570 p.p.
(three meals per day, snacks, coffee, tea, milk and water are included

Complete the enquiry form for more information and details on how to sign up.

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