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Celebrate National Girlfriend Day with an unusual adventure

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Today is National Girlfriend Day. What better way to celebrate it than planning an adventure with your loved one or best friend?

Sharing a life-changing experience with your girlfriend will lead to a stronger relationship for the future – plus it will be great fun! We’re all girls here at Another World Adventure, so we know what we’re talking about.

Here some tips for 6 unusual adventures to enjoy with your better half:

1. See the Northern Lights in Finland

Enjoy a long weekend in a remote part of Finnish Lapland where you and your soul mate or best friend will experience two nights in a wooden cabin and one in a wilderness cabin. And while looking for the amazing phenomena of the Northern Lights get ready to eat delicious food in an ice village and go exploring on a traditional reindeer sled and with your own pack dogsledding.

2. Japan food adventure

The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach! Get deep into a food adventure together and experience sushi in its home country and learn how to prepare traditional Japanese meals while discovering the beautiful landscapes and Buddhist temples of the ‘land of the rising sun’.

3. Sailing Galapagos

Cross the Tunnel of Love in one of the most elegant sailing vessels in the Galapagos. Get stuck into some sailing lessons while spotting dolphins and whales up close! Not to mention the giant tortoises, land iguana, unique types of finch and all the incredible animals that call the Galapagos islands their home. It’ll be a wild adventure with comfortable nights.

4. Epic short Morocco adventure

Live an intense experience and challenge each other to climb the highest mountain in North Africa, camp in the wild desert, trek camels through the sand dunes, and discover ancient rock carvings. Morocco, the “exotic gateway to Africa” offers it all, from down in the sea to high in the mountains.

5. Adventure El Salvador

Shape your own adventure in El Salvador and don’t be fooled: the smallest country of South America offers a very big range of activities. Decide with your loved one if you want to raft, surf, dive, hike, mountain bike, and much more!

6. Cycle Burma

Challenge your soul and your body cycling through Myanmar and getting to know local villages and temples built by the very spiritual people of Burma. Discover Bagan, one of Asia’s holiest cities, the Pindaya caves, with more than 8,000 images of the Buddha, visit a floating market, take a boat ride and much more in a still very mysterious and isolated land.

…. inspired by National Girlfriend Day … take your trip to the next level check out some adventure honeymoon ideas here too.

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