3 Trips to Turn Christmas Into an Unforgettable Adventure

Many will find themselves partaking in the traditional Christmas pastimes of turkey carving, present unwrapping and hoping for snow. However, if you’re looking to break the mould and create an unforgettable end to this year then maybe an epic Christmas travel adventure should be top of your list.

At Another World Adventures we’ve curated 3 of our favourite Christmas escapes during the holiday period.

Cycling Cuba

Havana, the Cuban hub of culture will be your starting point for this epic adventure. A 7 day, two wheel trip of a country steeped in rich history. On this adventure you’ll experience the full variety of scenery that Cuba often likes to surprise you with.

To help ease you into the chaotic Cuban lifestyle you will have an airport transfer directly to your Cuban guesthouse, where you’ll enjoy the luxurious element of the Cuban lifestyle.

From then on your adventure will begin as you explore the streets of Old Havana, absorbing the hidden side of their famous culture and sharing the roads with vintage American cars baring a Cuban twist.

Cuba’s alternative charm will be at the forefront of the trip, the combination of the beautiful surroundings, historical importance and hedonistic pursuits result in a colourful and unforgettable experience.

Travelling via bicycle allows you fantastic access to the unique and under-travelled areas of Caribbean Cuba.

This 7 day trip departs on either the 17th December,  31st December or the 7th January. However, there are also departures throughout the year, the full list is displayed on our website.

Cycle Cuba: Find out more here

Costa Rica – Raft, Kayak and Hike

Costa Rica, a country historically known for its beaches, volcanoes and biodiversity. However, more recently they’ve put themselves on the map for being global leaders in ecotourism and clean energy. These factors have enabled Costa Rica to become a hotspot for forward thinking adventurers and this formidable 18 day adventure strongly cements those feelings.

Flying into the wonderful capital of San Jose, you’ll be immediately struck by the lively cities colourful markets, wonderful museums and charismatic atmosphere.

When you leave the buzzing city behind, your remaining days will be taken up with action packed adventure and remote wildlife experiences. This includes two days white-water rafting down the Pacuare River, which was recently voted one of top 10 rivers in the World.

A short paddle further down the river and you’ll be spending the night in one of Costa Rica’s stunning rainforest eco lodges, surrounded by dense jungle, rare monkeys, toucans and even jaguars. The perfect location to unwind and reflect on a truly remarkable day.

The trip 18 day adventure departs on either the 22nd December or 5th January. However, there are also departures throughout the year.

Costa Rica Adventure: More Details here

Sri Lanka Cycle Tour of the Spice Trails

Known as ‘The Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ Sri Lanka really exceeds expectation in its beauty, the landscape ranges from the scenic coastline views of the Indian Ocean to the endless tea plantations spread throughout the highlands. All of which are perfectly accessible with this 12 day bicycle adventure and spice trail tour.

The first evening will be in the Goldi Sands Hotel situated near the beautiful Negombo lagoon and only a short trip away from the hectic Sri Lankan capital of Colombo. You’ll then spend the next day traversing along the Old Coast road and exploring some of the best preserved cave temple complexes in the whole country.

After long days spent exploring the Sri Lankan countryside you’ll be rejuvenated when you reach the lovely and relaxing evening hotels and lodges along your route. The traditional cooking still encompass the exotic spices and delicious aroma’s will surround your table each evening.

Sri Lanka Spice Trails Ride – More Details Here

An Atlantic Christmas … Wild Card for Wild Adventure Seekers

We couldn’t talk about Christmas adventures without mentioning our WILD CARD option! – A full Atlantic Crossing.

This incredible one month tall ship sail transcends an adventure holiday and becomes a trip of a lifetime. The perfect opportunity to digitally detox from the world as you spend your days living moment to moment and navigating the ocean.

The trip sets sails on the 8th December from Palmeira in Cape Verde; 29 days later you’ll reach the final destination of Bridgetown, Barbados. Between these two points are 3,949km of blue open ocean, raw adventure and starry skies.

Don’t worry if your sailing isn’t up to scratch, the permanent crew will teach you the ins and outs of sailing a majestic tall ship.

Sail across the Atlantic Ocean this Christmas – full details here

If these epic adventures aren’t ticking the right boxes for you then don’t panic because we have many more featured on our website. Ranging from the beautiful Galapagos islands, where you’ll come face to face with the critically endangered giant tortoises; to a horse riding adventure across the famous Patagonian region in the Chilean mountains.

Click here to discover our full list of exciting adventure holidays over the Christmas period.