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Another World Adventures is proud to announce that two new adventures have been included in our already long list of inspiring journeys and pioneering travels!

If you love the arctic and you love running, then this is your lucky day because both trips are far north, in Iceland and Greenland, and both involve running during the way.

Both these trips are small groups of 4 – 10 people you can join. You won’t be running the whole time and will stop by interesting places along the way so remember your camera! In terms of difficulty, the Iceland trip is completely or partially on trail so some experience with trail running is always required. Greenland is technically difficult and only suitable for experienced runners.

We love active days and comfortable nights so expect accommodation in huts / hotels. In the hotels there are single, double or twin rooms with bathrooms in 3-4 start hotels. In the mountain huts everybody is in one big room.

Winter Running Iceland 2017

This adventure travel is perfect to explore the stunning and wild landscapes of Iceland while also practising your favourite sport. You will be running across the island with expert local runners, who will guide your through some of the most beautiful corners of their land.

The journey includes the Golden Circle, waterfalls, a glacier national park, a glacial lagoon, canyons, and mountain tops.

This arctic adventure has various dates, from soon this October until next July. So you can decide the season you prefer, pack your things, and go!

Greenland running adventure 2017

Greenland is the world’s largest island, it’s 80% covered in ice, and with only 60,000 inhabitants. These are the perfect ingredients to create the perfect wild adventure. You will start the journey in a village of East Greenland but will move soon away from civilization to go up to the Isikajia Mountain. From there, an amazing landscape of the glacial island is guaranteed.

The adventure, of course, does not end there. You will have the chance to run through a very diverse type of terrain: tundra, sand, and rocks. It will give you a stimulating challenge and a great satisfaction knowing to be one of the few human beings who have run across this unique land.

You have plenty of time to get organised for this adventure because it doesn’t set off until summer 2017 although as small group adventures with a max group of 10 you shouldn’t delay if you’re keen to take part as places are expected to sell out by March.

For more information check the pages dedicated to these trips. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to fill in the enquiry form or to contact us directly. We’ll be more than happy to talk with you personally.

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