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Essential Snorkelling Gear for Your Next Adventure

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Whether you’re new to snorkelling or jump at every chance you get to put on a mask, snorkelling is a liberating experience and the best way to see marine life up close and personal.

Those who have experienced it before know that the ocean is a great place to exercise your body and your sense of adventure.

Most people buy into the misconception that snorkelling is difficult and requires a certain level of skill to be safe and enjoyable.

The truth is, this water sport is accessible to everyone and much less costly for the initial outlay of equipment than scuba diving. In fact, snorkelling is considered safer than diving and so makes the perfect introduction to underwater sports.

The key to success is to relax and enjoy yourself. And what better way to relax than to be prepared? Knowing your equipment is sturdy and best suited for you allows you to focus on what you’re seeing and experiencing.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a short list of essential gear for snorkelers.

A mask that fits your face is perhaps the most critical component of safe snorkelling. How can you tell if it fits? Try suctioning the mask to your face without using the strap. If it stays in place, that’s a good mask for you. If it falls off, you’ve got air leakage – definitely not what you’re looking for.

Here, you want to focus on the mouthpiece. You want to be comfortable while you’re underwater so find one that fits the size and shape of your mouth best. Also, choose a snorkel that comes close to your head in order to prevent drag. Another great feature to look for is a purge valve. This lets water out but never in.

Not only will a wetsuit keep you warm in cooler waters, but they also provide buoyancy, prevent sunburn, and protect your skin from stingy bits in the water. If the idea of a wetsuit feels cumbersome to you, look for a shorty. These come with short sleeves and leggings that stop above the knee. They’ll easier to take on and off and provide warmth when you’re in water that’s just a little bit cooler than you would comfortably swim in.

Shorter fins are desirable for snorkelling. Because they are smaller and lighter, they make it easier to change direction and kick. You can try swimming without fins, but you gain speed and efficiency when you use them. Once you’re in a moderate current, you’ll be thanking yourself for getting them. They also protect feet from accidental contact with those stingy bits as well as coral.

Neoprene Socks
Hand in hand (or feet in feet) with fins are neoprene socks. Fins that fit well are going to cause blisters – particularly on the backs of your ankles. Neoprene socks protect your skin, provide comfort, and keep your feet warm.

Upcoming Snorkelling Adventures
Now that you’re excited for your next snorkelling adventure, take a look at two of the upcoming trips we’re featuring in 2018.

  • Travel to Djibouti for a mix of snorkelling and hiking. In addition to the natural beauty of the country, you’ll have the chance to swim in one of the world’s saltiest lakes and snorkel with the whale sharks in the Bay of Ghoubbet.
  • You can also Costa Rica for a multi-activity adventure, rafting, and kayaking. Raft down the Pacuare River, stay overnight in an eco-lodge, snorkel with the turtles, reef sharks, and barracuda’s in Cahuita National Park, and cycle down the Caribbean coastline during two weeks of relaxation, new challenges, and new people.


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Thanks to Jeremy Bishop and Anurag Harishchandrakar for the pictures via Unsplash

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