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European Wilderness Destinations

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From the heights of the Caucasian Mountains to the depths of the Baltic Sea, from the snowy Russian tundra to the lush green forests of Scandinavia, Europe has myriad spots that are perfect for a wilderness adventure.

Expand your horizons beyond the typical African safari and picture yourself scaling unbelievable mountains, trekking through endless forests, and scouting fantastic wildlife.

Europe is a diverse and picturesque continent with several untouched and pristine spots left to enjoy. We’ve selected a few of our favourite European wilderness destinations you might want to consider for your next adventure holiday.

Some incredible European Wilderness Destinations for and adventure holiday

Archipelago National Park

We like this one for water sports enthusiasts. The park, located in Finland, offers great underwater trail snorkelling, canoeing, and sailing on the Baltic Sea. Enjoy a maritime adventure as you explore several of the more than 2,000 islands that create the Archipelago Sea Biosphere Reserve – one of the best in the world for spotting wildlife above and below the water.

Fulufjället National Park

If you’re looking toward Scandinavia for your next wilderness adventure, be sure to take a long look at Sweden’s Fulufjället National Park. A winter travel date affords the opportunity for ice fishing and ice climbing, while a summer trip allows for hiking through a forest of some of the world’s oldest trees. Here you can see Sweden’s tallest waterfall, Njupeskär, and the majestic Gyr Falcon.


This is a something for everyone kind of destination. The Pyrenees Mountains straddle the border between Spain and France and are perfect for bird watchers, hikers, rock climbers, and parachuters. It’s possible to spot the formidable brown bear, the bearded vulture, and the magnificent golden eagle, among others. The high altitude spots within the mountains are paradise for adrenaline junkies and the many cosy inns are perfect for couples and families – one of our true favourite of all European wilderness destinations.

Scottish Highlands and Inner Hebrides

This wilderness destination could keep you busy for weeks on end. An island hopping adventure like this is exhilarating and gives you the chance to see some incredible vistas. Check out the Isle of Rum and spot ponies, seals, wild goats, and their famous red deer. Up in the island’s volcanic cliffs you’ll find a thriving colony of Manx shearwaters and over 100,00 seabirds. Much of the area is accessible by car – like Ranoch Moor in the Highlands, considered by many to be one of the greatest wilderness spots in the U.K. – and then of course there are the places only accessible by water where a sailing adventure might be just what you need to reach them.

This epic Scotland to Iceland hands on sailing voyage takes in some stunning wilderness spots along the way in summer 2017.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or looking for deep relaxation, these European wilderness destinations deliver.

Check out some incredible worldwide and European wilderness destinations here or enquire today if you’d like to chat to us about your options.

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