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Everybody wants to be this cat

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Two of our favourite things are cats and sailing, so what better than the story of a sailing cat? The hatred between cats and water may be just a myth after all, because this feline friend spends most of her time on a sailing boat.

Amelia the cat is in the good company of her human friend and rescuer Captain Liz Clark, the woman who packed everything up including her job to sail around the world.

Today is the International Cat Day, so we thought that Another World Adventures should celebrate our beloved feline friends talking about this extraordinary cat. If you are a true adventure seeker, you probably have more in common with Amelia than with many other people!

Indeed Amelia, also known as TropiCat, had to do something that takes courage: stepping out of her comfort zone. If you’ve ever taken that leap of faith to try something new, somewhere new, you’ll certainly know what we’re talking about. And you also know how satisfying and enriching an adventure is in the end… Amelia has had a whale of a time.

The story of Amelia

Liz Clark found Amelia when she was just six-month old. She was living in very bad conditions and Liz, who had left her job to sail across the world, decided to take it with her.

Day after day, Amelia recovered and now she has become a strong and bold cat, who adapted perfectly to the life in the middle of the ocean. She is literally having the ‘adventure of her nine lives’ according to Captain Liz. And even if hers doesn’t look like the normal life of a cat, she still enjoys fishing from the boat!

Sailing adventures

Maybe, like Liz Clark you’ve been dreaming of sailing the world’s oceans since you were a child. By yourself or with a group of other adventure seekers. Or maybe you’re looking for a holiday that is out of the ordinary, something that you’ll never forget.

If either of those are the case, you should check our sailing adventures. You won’t be able to bring animals on board on these trips, but one of our favourite tall ships has a much loved ship dog if you need a furry friend to share the experience with. Go and find out which one!

And follow Captain Liz Clark and Amelia on their adventures via Instagram.

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