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Experience Hidden Cultures on a Women’s Expedition

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Iran: Women's Expedition

All-women expeditions have a particular kind of magic. There is something incredibly powerful and meaningful about a group of women connecting on a deeper level. There are shifts in the conversations, the collaboration and in the learning about yourself. 

In four new adventures that have just become available, we take all-female travel up a level. It’s not just about travelling and bonding with the women you are with, but also about connecting with the amazing stories of the women who live in the countries you are visiting. Learn more about the culture and see their countries through their eyes, as they guide you through your adventure holiday. These are experiences that would not be possible in mixed gender groups.

In Jordan, get a unique insight into the world of the Middle Eastern women who are inviting you to join them in an exploration of local history and culture. Relax at an women-only beach, learn about the history of henna and kohl, and learn the art of arabic cooking in your host’s home. Find out more about the Jordan Women’s Expedition

From Marrakech to the M’Goun valley, on the Moroccan women’s adventure you will get to experience the power of women working together to build an artists’ co-operative of rug weavers across small villages, as well as having the unique opportunity to join in at women’s cultural ceremonies. Find out more about the Morocco Women’s Expedition.

Iran: Women's Expedition
Jordan: Women's Expedition

Turkey brings the opportunity to experience a blend of old and new. Experience a traditional hammam and get your fortune read, before visiting a Syrian refugee social enterprise. This adventure trip even includes joining a female skipper for a boat trip to visit a sunken city! Find out more about the Turkey Women’s Expedition.

Meet a range of inspiring women in Iran. From beauty salons and women-only parks, nomadic communities and female entrepreneurs, Iran is going to provide you with a variety of inspiring women to get to know. A particular highlight is the home stay with the Qashqai rural community. Find out more about the Iran Women’s Expedition.

The women’s expeditions available through Another World Adventures give access to the worlds of amazing women that you would not be able to enter without introductions and local guides. 

Embrace the power of community and be inspired by choosing an all-women expedition.

Dates TBA
12 days £1,595.00

Iran: Women’s Expedition

Discover culture and comradery from the perspective of local women on this female-only expedition in Iran.

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