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Discovering and tasting mouth-watering and authentic food during a trip is a huge part of any adventure. But what if it was the main focus of a trip.

For the month of January we’ve been trying our best to detox from the gluttony of the party season.

Sadly, the harder we try the more the saying that ‘what’s denied is desired’ becomes a strong reality. The incredible food adventures on the Another World Adventures website are becoming too much to bare so it’s time to stop coveting them for ourselves and share them with you, our lovely adventure seekers.

These trips are organised by a fantastic small group travel specialist who know a tasty dish and region when they see one. We have four amazing food adventures online but there are actually quite a few more which we can connect you with if there’s a country you’re keen to savour the flavours of.

On these food adventures the aim is to get travellers under the skin of the most exciting food cultures on the planet. Whether you get your kicks from munching a trail through Mexico’s food markets or cooking up Peruvian delights under the guidance of world-class chefs there’s a food adventure for every tastebud.

If you’re bored of your January detox already then get a load of these gastronomic odysseys which will have you mentally munching, crunching, sipping and slurping just like the locals in 2016.

Vietnam Food Adventure

Prepare for a culinary journey on this Vietnam food adventure, from the freshest seafood in Halong bay to the best street snacks in Hanoi.

Japan Food Adventure

Pack your chopsticks and celebrate thousands of years of food artistry by travelling through Japan on this guided Japan food adventure.

Mexico Food Adventure

Treat yourself to an authentic taste of Mexico on this luscious Mexico food adventure through some of Mexico’s most famous culinary regions.

Peru Food Adventure

Pack in the flavours of Peru the gastronomic heart of South America on this food adventure where they only make use of what pachamama (mother earth) gave them.

If you’ve got a region in mind and would like to know if there’s a food adventure in 2016 just ask!

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