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Get out of the office! Benefits of taking a career break

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It goes by many names: sabbatical, career break, volunteer leave, gap year. Whatever you call it, the fact that 4 million people in UK alone took a career break in 2010 (Santander bank) makes it a growing, and clearly valuable, trend.

Though it’s not entirely a new concept, the reasons and benefits for taking a sabbatical to travel are evolving. Take a look at these statistics:

  • 34 of the “100 Best Workplaces in Europe” offer their employees paid sabbaticals
  • 15% of the Top 200 businesses in the UK allow sabbaticals for volunteer opportunities
  • In the U.S. 23% of companies offer sabbaticals, Japan it’s 24.8% and in the UK the figure is at least 37%

For employers a career break can help create a sense of company loyalty, offer an alternative to layoffs, and in many cases staff return motivated, refreshed, with new skills they are eager to share with the team. For you, the benefits are limitless. Not only can time spent travelling help to reshape your career direction, it can also spark your creativity, provide different opportunities along the same or new path, allow you to explore your passions through travel, broaden your perspective on our global culture, push you outside your comfort zone, and possibly awaken you to your true calling. That’s absolutely what happened to me.

I was working in London and always a passionate traveller, I decided to take a career break to join a crew on the centennial voyage of a traditional tall ship as she crossed from Europe to Brazil. Little did I know as I climbed aboard that I would both meet my current business partner and change the course of my life. As we allowed the exhilarating voyage to empower us we began to conceptualize travel in a different way. It isn’t about the destination. It’s about the journey. Your journey. Our journey. Travel is about our own growth and expansion – not about nine countries in ten days. We came back to the UK and founded Another World Adventures to help people with their career breaks, their adventure planning, and their own process of discovery and transformation. Below are a few hand picked adventures that just might be the next step on your path.

Ultimate Africa Overland Experience (56 days)

Travel from South Africa to Kenya taking in every awe-inspiring site along the way. Met incredible people and see amazing wildlife up close. Nine countries and the continent’s most legendary sights. This is an epic adventure sure to shift your perspective.

Cape to Cape Southern Atlantic Crossing (55 days)

There are few sailing trips in the world more exciting than this. An ocean voyage to a remote and rarely visited part of the planet on a world class traditional tall ship where you are the crew as you sail from Punta Arenas, Chile to Cape Town, South Africa.

Trans Siberian Railway (21 days)

It’s possibly the most famous railway in the world. The awe-inspiring Trans Siberian Rail Experience crosses three nations – China, Mongolia, and Russia – and takes you deep into the heartland of Siberia.

If you’d like tips and advice for how to go about organising a Career Break check out The Career Break Site – the UK’s biggest independent career break website.

Or drop us an email [email protected]

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