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Greenland – When to Go

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Greenland is the world’s largest island and it is an exciting destination in the Arctic for all adventure minded travellers in search of a major nature and culture fix.

We had an amazing time exploring west Greenland’s Destination Arctic Circle during the summer … it’s an adventure seeker’s paradise this region is packed full of things to do whether you visit in summer or winter … as is the rest of the land. So when to go?

We caught up with the experts at Visit Greenland for tips on choosing the right season for you!

Summer: Endless days. Above the Arctic Circle in the summertime, the sun never sets, which means you have 24 hours of daylight, and much more time to be out and about. The long hours of low light make this season perfect for photographers.

Spring: Two seasons in one trip. In Greenland’s ‘springtime’ (April – May) you can actually experience two different seasons in different parts of Greenland at the same time. No need to make a separate winter and summer trip – just start in the North where conditions stay wintery for longer, and then make your way down south where the snow has already disappeared and summer is creeping in!

Winter: One of the world’s longest. Greenlanders pride themselves on having one of the world’s longest winters. The streets can stay snowy for up to nine months of the year. This gives you snow-chasers much more time to enjoy all of the winter activities that Greenland has to offer.

Another World Adventures Greenland Destination Arctic Circle Summer (36)
Another World Adventures Greenland Destination Arctic Circle Summer (44)

Get on Greenlandic time!

Whenever you decide to visit you’ll need to adjust your clock for “Greenland Time” .. this timezone might not exist on the world clock but it’s good to remember that Greenlanders are famously relaxed with their sense of time, often preferring to judge things by the changes in the weather or by what nature deems appropriate.

You’ll do well to adjust your perception of time so that you ‘go with the flow’ of what’s possible, .. you’ll quickly realise it’s the best way of making the most of the time that is available to you 🙂

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Another World Adventures Greenland Destination Arctic Circle Summer (28)
Another World Adventures Greenland Destination Arctic Circle Summer (21)

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