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International Day of Charity

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Today is the International Day of Charity. An day to celebrate the work, often voluntary, of many people to make the world a better place.

Another World Adventures would like to celebrate this day and say a big thank you to the efforts of people around the world working to help others.

The impact of travellers

Travel and charity have long come hand in hand. Many operators we work with have fantastic projects on in the countries they travel which support people, planet and wildlife. Travellers can play an important role in supporting the work of charities and NGOs and the very first step is making sure you ‘travel right’.

If you are preparing your next travel you may find useful guidelines in our responsible travel page and ethical animal tourism blog.

Animal charity work

There is a number of charities that dedicate all their efforts to wildlife conservation. Of course there is no space to mention all of them. Animal Equality International, Animal Ethics, The humane league are just some.

And then of course there is the World Wildlife Fund, in short the WWF. They work hard for different conservation causes that include also climate, food, and fresh water. They focus on endangered animal species and have an animal adoption site. You can adopt wild animals like the giant panda, the snow leopard, and the Asian elephant. All you have to is make a monthly donation from just £3.

Ask your guide during a trip if there are any grassroots local organisations working in wildlife conservation. Supporting local groups is a very good way to ensure your money goes direct to the source and doesn’t get caught up in administration and bureaucracy of larger organisations.

Indigenous people charity work

There are also a good amount of charities that specialize in supporting indigenous communities. Ensuring the survival and transmission of their culture is the main aim of those organizations.

One of them is IPCST, the Indigenous People Cultural Support Trust. Their base is in UK but their aim is helping Indian communities. The Indigenous Literacy Foundation helps children of indigenous communities to get a proper education. And the Redfern Foundation supports Aboriginal people.

Our love, respect and well wishes go out to all the charities of the world today working to make it a better place!

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