Let It Out

It’s time to let out your lockdown frustrations and Iceland has just the solution for you.

The latest promotional campaign for Iceland invites frustrated travellers to release their 2020 frustrations by visiting a website and recording their screams for broadcast via massive yellow speakers in remote regions of the Nordic nation.

From glaciers to waterfalls you can yell at the Snæfellsjökull glacier and by the Skógarfoss waterfall as just two examples. Plus, you’ll receive a commemorative video of your screams being played. Seriously.

Check out the “Let It Out!” video below.

If you’ve ever been to Iceland you’ll know that the feeling of being there amongst the unbelievable landscapes is quite truly out of this world. This is a fun attempt to give you a bit of a taste without needing to travel.

Speakers have been placed in the following locations:

Viðey, Reykjavik, Iceland
Rauðisandur, Westfjord, Iceland
Kálfshamarsviti, North Iceland
Djúpivogur, East Iceland
5estarfjall, Reykjanes, Iceland
Skógarfoss, South Iceland
Snæfellsjökull, West Iceland

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