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My trip pick of the week – Kayak East Greenland

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This week my wander-lust is firmly focused on the isolated fjords of East Greenland. This awesome wilderness offers some fantastic possibilities for BIG adventures and this 10 day Kayak & Hiking expedition in East Greenland in August is right up there on my “hell yes, lets go!” list (and its quite a long list). Here’s why…

Why East Greenland?

One of the most isolated habitations in the world, East Greenland is a mosaic of glaciers, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and savage sheer mountain walls falling into the sea surrounded by beautiful floating icebergs. If ‘getting away from it all’ is what you’re looking for then this place is hard to beat . Fascinatingly East and West Greenland have only been connected for the last 120 years so the culture and traditions are quite different and the East Greenlanders have a language of their own.

Why this trip?

A chance to visit the famous Knud Rasmussen Glacier as well as passing through the stunning Ammassalik fjord. Kayaking is the best way to discover the Arctic landscape allowing you to get up close to the icebergs, the silence broken only by the rhythmical splash of your paddle. After exploring all day the group will decide on the best place to pitch up camp on the banks of the protected fjords for a good nights sleep under the stars. You could easily add on a few days either side of this trip to explore some of Iceland too as your flight to Greenland will most likely go via Reykjavik.

Why this adventure operator?

A group of professional, fun, qualified and energetic guides, whose passion for the Arctic outdoors runs deep. With a big focus on service quality and safety, all of the guides are certified in wilderness first aid, hold rescue and leadership qualifications and have gathered an impressive depth of international experience. The owners, (like Rissy and I) met as friends back in 2005 and their aim is to create exciting adventures accessible to everybody who shares their passion but primarily, they are just a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts!

Read the full itinerary and details of this trip here.

Rather sail or ski the Arctic?

Happy adventure seeking!


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