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Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean – Join Transatlantic Sailing Voyages


And we’ve helped hundreds of sailors – new and experienced – to turn that dream into reality.

Find transatlantic voyages here where you can join as hands on guest crew (experience levels vary from none to lots) on planned journeys and rallies like the ARC, or if you’d like to charter a whole boat then get in touch. We work with a network of many incredible boats from luxury yachts, performance racers to historic traditional tall ships.

If you have the ambition to sail across the Atlantic Ocean, whether you’re a beginner or pro sailor, there are exciting options for you on board hands-on sailing vessels. Join yachts or tall ships as guest voyage crew and learn incredible new skills, as you pull together as a team to harness the wind and reach a new continent. It’s a sustainable long-distance travel option that is all about embracing the journey.

Complete our short form to let us know your Atlantic ambitions and we’ll be in touch with exciting options.

Which direction?

A big first consideration for many when planning their transatlantic is which direction to sail – east or westbound and if you’re fixed on that it will determine when you’ll go.

Westbound: Europe to the Americas & Caribbean tend to depart with the trade winds in between October-December.

Eastbound: Caribbean & Americas to Europe tend to sail between March – June (April & May most commonly).

Northbound: South Africa to Europe voyages tend to depart between April-June

How experienced are you?

Our crews are a mix of sailing abilities. Some enter races and you’d be expected to know what you’re doing, others teach you everything you need to know on the go. You’d just need to join in with a ‘can do’ and ‘here to learn’ attitude and the professional crew will help with the rest!

Want to join a crew for a fixed departure?

In 2023 and 2024, we have limited spaces available on organised voyages – these trips are very popular and book out quickly so make an enquiry by requesting full details on the listed voyages as your first step. These berth options are perfect for solo travellers or couples/pairs/small groups of friends.

Or book a private charter?

Bespoke voyages are organised separately, so reach out to us through the contact form or by email for more details on these.

Or get in  touch using the contact form below so we can help you make this trip dream a crossing to remember!

Check all Atlantic ocean crossings here or email Larissa on

Want to sail, but not sure about a transatlantic voyage? We have options for everyone. Check out:

Tall Ship vs Yacht?

Finding the right boat for your journey is a important part of your planning, not just the route. Each boat has it’s own character, style and charm – and personality! And the on board experience varies hugely depending on the reason for the boat sailing – is it taking part in a race? Is it an ocean cruise slow travel experience? And so on. The degree to which you’ll be mustered to help with the sailing and life on board also varies so whether you’re keen to join a 50ft yacht or a full size tall ship we’re happy to talk you through the options to find the best fit.

What is it like on Board a Transatlantic Voyage?

Experience navigation, planning and life on board with your fellow crew who will be a mix of ages and from all walks of life. There’s rarely an upper age limit on the voyages and decisions on participants are made on a case-by-case basis by the crew office for each vessel but the key requirement is good health and an enthusiasm to get involved.

Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean – Join Transatlantic Voyages and trans Pacific Voyages

Solo Travel Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean

We met as two solo travellers on board a transatlantic voyage, so we understand the opportunities and challenges of solo travel on long journeys at sea. It was a life-changing experience for us and Another World Adventures wouldn’t exist without that solo travel experience. The really good news for solo travellers is that when it comes to ocean sailing trips around 80% of the people joining are doing so on their own – so if all of your mates look at you like you’ve grown two heads when you tell them your Grand Plan then don’t worry, you’ll be in great company with the friends you’ll make on board.

Sail with Friends Across the Atlantic Ocean

As well as being an amazing experience for those travelling solo, transatlantic sailing with friends can bond you for a lifetime. As experienced adventure travel planners, we can connect you with a reliable and responsible vessel that you can join together to make the crossing. Heck, we’ve even known honeymooners celebrate their marriage with an ocean crossing. All that’s needed is an adventurous mindset to sail across the Atlantic.

Private Charter to Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean

If you are looking for a more personalised experience, we can coordinate bespoke voyages for individuals, groups and companies. Let us help you find and charter a private vessel for a journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Whether it’s a bonding experience with friends, a brand contest or marketing effort, or a chance to achieve a life-long dream, we can help you navigate the best vessel choices whether you’re 4 or 40 sailors.

Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean – Join Transatlantic Voyages to Antarctica

Do I Need Prior Sailing Experience to Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean?

You do not always need prior sailing experience to take on the challenge of a transatlantic sail. For many of the boats we work with, especially the tall ships, sailing experience is not compulsory. Instead, the vessel crew will give you hands-on experience and training along the way – both on expedition sail yachts and tall ships. 

If you’re looking for an experience on a smaller vessel, you might need to get some sailing experience or qualifications beforehand. For example, some of the race boats or smaller yachts (60ft) require RYA Day Skipper or equivalent, so speak to us if you’d like more information. A few of the passages are even qualifiers for Yachtmaster Ocean mile makers, so if you have bigger ambitions for your sailing, please reach out to ask about that and about Watch Leader roles, too.


Be Inspired to Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean by our Previous Atlantic Sailing Voyages

Below are some voyages from the past which we’ve left up to give you an idea about routes to consider. If there’s a route you love the sound of but it’s not in the current schedule then just drop us a line to find out more. With so many changes to the sailing schedule for ocean journeys there’s a chance it’s in the planning stages, just not yet announced..!

If you’re not sure of the best option for you, speak to us about your plans and dreams for this great adventure, so we can advise you on the best voyage route and crew to join.

Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean – Join Transatlantic VoyagesSail Across the Atlantic Ocean – Join Transatlantic Voyages Tori Howse Fishing

Transatlantic Route inspiration

Past voyages have included

  • South Africa to Canada 2019 – January – May 2019 – This was the final leg in a circumnavigation that set off in spring 2018 on board a unique sail training tall ship. Solo travellers were invited to join the crew of this remarkable vessel for the voyage of a lifetime. Unusually for the ocean crossings this voyage included lots of stops along the way.
  • Sail Cape to Cape via Antarctica on a traditional tall ship from South America to South Africa.
  • Sail Cape Verde to Cuba
  • Sail Falkland Islands to South Africa 2018
  • Sail Bermuda to the UK on a traditional tall ship
  • Sail USA to the UK via the Azores on a Clipper 60 yacht
  • Sail Azores to the UK on a tall ship
  • Sail Europe to South America on a Dutch tall ship
  • Sail USA > EUROPE (Florida to The Netherlands via Bermuda and Azores)
  • Sail Antigua and Barbuda to the United Kingdom
  • Sail South Africa to Norway via Azores, Ascension Island and St Helena
  • ARC – Atlantic Rally for Cruisers Canary Islands to St Lucia (via Cape Verde)


If you see a trip listed here but not on the Atlantic sailing trip page, please contact us to discuss your options. We are constantly updating this list so get in touch if you don’t see a route that works for you and we’ll see what is possible.

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