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Slow Travel – a state of mind?

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Have you ever returned home from a holiday feeling more exhausted than you were before you left? .. if the answer is yes, then it might be that you’re in need of a grassroots movement that has quietly emerged as a solution to tourist burnout: slow travel.

When we travel, it’s easy to get so caught up in the destination without allowing a moment to enjoy the journey of getting there or taking the time to really immerse yourself in it at a reasonable pace before leaving. When it comes to travel one often wants to see it all, justifiably. But Slow Travel asks something different of us. Slow Travel is about cultivating a state of mind that allows you to become deeply engaged with the communities you encounter during your adventures. The goal shouldn’t be seeing 9 cities in 11 days, but about gaining a new perspective on life. Yours and the ones you encounter.

An offshoot of the Slow Movement, which began in the 1980’s with Slow Food, Slow Travel is about connection. Intentionally connecting to families, food, and a new way of life. The appeal of this kind of travel lies in getting to know a selected area well. Whether you fall in love with a country and return year after year, exploring all it’s nooks and crannies, or whether you love to try new places but learn them in depth, you’re a Slow Traveller.

This kind of adventuring takes many shapes: crossing long distances by train instead of plane in order to see the country along the way, cycling instead of driving, staying in place long enough to pick a favourite cafe or walking while you explore a town in order to soak it in and lessen the environmental impact.

Slow Anything is about seeking to find some ‘balance’ – or travelling at what musicians call the tempo giusto – the right speed.

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