Small group adventures this Easter

There are almost as many ways to travel as there are travellers. Solo, family holidays, backpacking, expeditions, tours, on wheels of some kind, on feet, on water, luxury, budget… the list goes on.

A well rounded approach is to experience as many different forms of travel as interest you.

This includes the (sometimes) misunderstood small group adventure experience.

Close your eyes right now and imagine a group tour. We’re willing to bet that the picture in your head includes a tour bus and lots of people in bermuda shorts with cameras strapped around their necks. Maybe there was a staff member with a clipboard shuttling people about as the group spends five minutes looking at Something Amazing before being shuttled back on the bus?

If any part of that was true for you, then you’re in for a great surprise.

These days, small group specialist operators come in all shapes and sizes. At Another World Adventures, we partner with those that specialise in genuine adventure. Blow your mind kind of adventures. Not a clipboard in sight!

Travelling in a small group has many benefits including …

Connecting with a group of like-minded people.
These are all people interested in experiencing the same places as you. If you’ve selected an adventure with a bit of challenge and work, they become your cheerleaders and your family. Sharing the accomplishments and processing the difficulties. You’ll never miss a great trip again because your friends ‘couldn’t get the time off’.

You save money.
Fact. It is much cheaper to split the cost of permits, fuel, accommodation and local guides with a few friendly faces than on your own.

Group tours provide a great balance of solo experiences and group expeditions.
The operators we work with don’t simply shuttle you from place to place – they work hard to create an unforgettable experience for you. This includes a balance of challenge and ease, work and relaxation, down time and group time, as well as covering ground and digging in.

REALLY get off the beaten track.
Whilst it is of course possible to have a fantastic authentic experience whilst travelling solo, if you have limited time and resources you’re most likely going to find yourself following the guide book and ending up at the same places as everyone else. A really good small group adventure can ensure you see those places the guide book doesn’t know about and experience them with local guides who can tell you much more about the destination than a book ever can.

These are some of our TOP PICKS for small group adventures this Easter that you can join solo or with friends.

Jungle Trek Darien Gap Panama

Join this unique jungle trek Darien Gap adventure in search of lost civilisations, ancient petroglyphs and more

Iceland Backcountry Skiing and Sail

Six day sailboat skiing from on an expedition yacht enjoy stunning Iceland backcountry skiing between the remote fjords only miles from the Arctic Circle.

Iceland Summer Hornstrandir Wildlife Escape

Experience the incredible wildlife and adventure of this fantastic fjord-landscape on a sailboat adventure.

Trek Iraqi Kurdistan Expedition

This is a unique Iraqi Kurdistan expedition to trek in the majestic Zagros Mountains and to climb Mount Halgurd (3,607m).

Dog Sledding Expedition East Greenland

Explore Ammassalik Island with native mushers and their dogs on a dog sledding expedition in East Greenland.

Haiti – The Alternative Caribbean

This unique tour offers the opportunity to discover the charms of Haiti from La Citadelle, Bassin to La Visite National Park.

Camino de Santiago de Compostela by bike

Explore the famous Camino de Santiago de Compostela by bike and ride one of the world’s oldest pilgrimage routes across Northern Spain

Cycle Burma

Small group adventure to get off the beaten track on a Burma cycle trip through the Shan Highlands, crossing the central plains around Mandalay, and down a fabulous descent from Mt Popa.


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