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Tall Ship Taster Sail UK

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I signed up to sail with a tall ship on a month-long transatlantic journey from Spain to Brazil having never even put a foot on the deck before. That was both very exciting and really nerve wracking!!

Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of adventure seekers plan trips over the years I understand that everyone’s needs are different when it comes to choosing a boat, overland vehicle, tour group etc. For some a description and photo is enough and the thrill of discovery and suprise is something they love, others need to watch hours of youtube videos and go the extra mile to get as much info as they can.

Good news then! You can join a one-night taster sail in the UK aboard one of our tall ships that will be setting sail in 2023 from Europe on an Atlantic circuit with two transatlantic crossings and time in the Caribbean and NE South American coast.

On 25 to 26 April 2023 the boat will be in the UK and they’ll make an Introductory Cruise from Ipswich to Ramsgate.

This trip is especially for people who are interested in the trip they will make to South America and the Caribbean at the end of the year. But even if you just feel like taking a nice trip on an impressive Tall Ship, you can join in!

If you decide to go ahead and book a leg of the Atlantic Circuit having joined the Introductory Cruise they’ll deduct the cost of the taster cruise from your voyage fee. Nice!

April 25, everyone can come on board in the evening in Ipswich. Expect a pleasant evening that is used for an introduction to the ship, her crew and your fellow passengers. Because everyone sleeps on board, you’ll  be able to leave early the next morning for the crossing to Ramsgate.

The current will carry you down the river Orwell and to the sea. Between the sandbanks you’ll sail on the Thames Estuary to the south.

If you like, you can help with sailing, navigating and steering the ship. Sailing experience is not necessary, the crew will explain everything. In reasonable weather it is possible to climb the mast under supervision!

After a nice sailing trip, Kent comes into view. Ramsgate is a penninsular located on the former island of Thanet – you’ll round the cape of North Foreland, recognizable by the limestone cliffs that are so characteristic of this area. Ramsgate has impressive walls projecting into the sea that protect the harbor from waves. The harbor exudes a maritime past and feels welcome after a time at sea.

If you are interested, the crew will tell you more about the trip they’ll be making to South America and the Caribbean at the end of the year.


Join on April 25 at 8:30 PM in Ipswich and on April 26 the ship will moor in Ramsgate in the afternoon / evening (depending on the wind).

4 person cabin: €190,- p.p.

2 person cabin: €220,- p.p.

For more details and to request a place, please use this form to contact Larissa at Another World Adventures or send an email to

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