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The 5 best adventures for solo travellers

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If you’re a solo traveller looking to join a group or some or all of your adventures you’re not alone. Solo travel is has seen a huge increase over the last few years and it’s no longer defined single travellers. We’ve picked our 5 best adventures for solo travellers that combine the chance to meet like minded travellers and explore places that might not be accessible if travelling alone.

According to the ABTA Holiday Habits Report 2018 more than one in six people (15%) chose to go on holiday by themselves last year and are increasingly choosing to leave their loved ones behind in order to do what they want, when they want and get a bit of hard-won ‘me time’. Solo travellers relish the ease of decision making, the love of independence and a world of unfettered opportunity.

5 best adventure trips for solo travellers

Sailing voyages for solo travellers

Taking to the seas on a voyage can be the perfect way to escape and connect with the natural world. It is a well-designed trip for a solo traveller, as you have a ship of ready-made ship mates, professionals to help you learn or develop existing sailing skills and a schedule of delights to enjoy along the way. There are a whole range of sailing trips you could join from relaxing sunshine trips in the Caribbean to transatlantic voyages on tall ships.  Explore our top pick of the world’s best sailing adventures.

Biking adventures for solo travellers

A cycling adventure is well designed for the solo traveller. The independence of two wheels gives a traveller the freedom to travel distances and to go off the beaten track. You can cycle slowly or speed through the hills feeling the rush of air in your face. There are lots of wonderful small group cycling trips which allow you to join a group of like-minded people to explore new places by bike. Explore our top pick of the best cycling adventures.

Expeditions for solo travellers

Taking on an expedition is a chance to really challenge yourself physically and mentally with a group of like-minded travellers. You can choose expeditions from across the globe. The solo traveller can hike, sail, or cycle on expedition trips, moving with the security of others; exploring remote corners of the world.  Explore some of our favourites here.

Overland adventures for solo travellers

The traditional bus tour doesn’t have to be so traditional. It can be far from the tourist trap and enable you to explore remote places and is often more affordable than doing it on your own. The solo traveller can also benefit travelling in safety with other like-minded travellers but with the option to spend some days away from the group exploring on your own.  We love this traditional American school bus converted for remote travel in Alaska. Explore other overloading adventures on our website.

Running trips for solo travellers

The solitude and freedom of running combined with travelling can be a perfect fit for the solo traveller offering the endorphin high of running combined with the view of passing natural wonders. You can choose to run at your own pace or team up with others in the group. What about running through the highlands of Iceland or challenging yourself with a marathon adventure in the Himalayas? After a long days run relax and share tips and stories with your fellow runners before resting up ready for the next day’s route. Explore more running adventures here.



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