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The Anti-Bucket List for 2016

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We got thinking about the ‘anti-bucket list’ at the end of last year when Tori emailed me a link to an article published in the Independent with the headline: Travel in 2016: What do those in the know want to see change in the industry next year?

The email was short with just a link the article and her comment “I liked this one especially”.

Kerry Smith, editor of British Airways’ High Life magazine (@kerrysmith01) “2016 should be the anti-bucket list year, when people to start going to places they are properly curious about, rather than merely destinations to tick off”.

Hurrah! We thought. Spot on! A lady after our own hearts.

When we select the trips to feature on Another World Adventures we’ve long been wary of building a ‘bucket list’ website. It’s too easy. And not that exciting. What we try to do instead is curate a collection of really unusual and interesting experiences that are adventures for the truly curious.

We seek out operators who avoid the bottle-necks of popular trekking attractions and hike up ‘that other’ mountain, or go the extra mile to the national park that doesn’t have a coach depo for a car park. A number of the trips are designed for second visits – when people have already done the major sites and attractions but now want to explore much deeper into the authentic cultural heart of the people and the country’s natural environment.

Here are five ‘Anti-Bucket List’ trip ideas for the curious travellers among you for 2016. Go! Be Bold. Tick nothing off your bucket list – and have the trip of your life while doing it.

Anti-Bucket List trip ideas

Adventures in Serbia, Kosovo Bosnia

Explore the crossroads of eastern and western cultures on this small group tour through Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Balkans offer a fascinating mix of Austro-Hungarian history, Ottoman influences, and an abiding tradition of hospitality. The craggy and beautiful landscapes of Bosnia and Serbia provide a stunning backdrop to this journey through a region that has emerged from a violent and turbulent recent past to become the next frontier of European travel.

Siberia Arctic Expedition: Reindeer Migration with the Nenets

A unique chance to journey to the end of the world alongside nomadic Nenets reindeer herders as they embark on an epic migration across the frozen Gulf of Ob, deep in the Arctic Circle. You’ll immerse yourself in the traditional way of life of the Nenets’ on a truly minimalist expedition and have a rare opportunity to join their celebrations at the annual reindeer herding festival.

Travel Congo In the Footsteps of Stanley

This adventure takes you down the great Congo River where you’ll retrace a part of the extraordinary journey taken by Henry Morton Stanley in 1874.
Over the course of this 30 day trip, you’ll spend almost two weeks on a river boat, traveling the river made infamous in Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness.” You’ll cover roughly 1,700 kilometers of one of Africa’s most powerful and impressive rivers. From Kinshasa to Kisangani this adventure will take you through chaotic yet vibrant areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Iran: Walk Through the Valley of the Assassins

Explore a greener, quieter side of Iran walking in the wonderful Alborz Mountains. Rising from the Caspian Sea this mountain range is a world away from the cities and deserts that the country is known for. This adventure takes you into a seldom visited part of the country and follows the route that Freya Stark wrote about in the 1930’s classic, ‘The Valley of the Assassins.’

In Search of Vikings – Hands on Sailing from Scotland to Iceland

Explore ancient ports as you sail from Scotland to Iceland following the old route of the Vikings. Take in the Orkneys, Faroes and Shetlands on this 21 day hands-on sailing trip finishing in Iceland – where fire and ice meet to create an ever changing and ever evolving landscape.

Discover more unusual adventures in interesting destinations here or get in touch if you’ve had an idea you’d like to discuss.

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